Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Biz Tips: Flattery in Business

Flattery will get you every where my friend, just be careful to use it sparingly so it doesn't get diluted. 

I appreciate comments on my posts and videos more then you know, but I don't expect you to agree with everything that comes out of my brain and onto the keyboard. That's why I ask so many questions in my posts, to encourage you to think outside of the box. Even if you never share those thoughts with me, the trickle effect still occurs.

Social cognition  if you will, you think something, you tell someone and some day those thoughts and stories hopefully come full circle.

You know what keeps famous people from having a big head, and pulling a Tiger Woods on their wives?

 Someone somewhere looking out for them and reminding them they are human, don't worry I don't need YOU to do it, I'm surrounded by plenty of friendly faces more then happy to keep me grounded if I ever become famous.

What about you though? 

Seriously just because you have 20 followers, 200 or 200,000 twitter followers doesn't mean you are famous, infamous, or even have people reading your daily thoughts.

 Even if you are famous people aren't going to pay attention to your rants for long if you are rude and get a big head, remember you are human and be humble.

While you are being humble, remember to tell people that you appreciate them. Everyone loves a good compliment, but if all you do is kiss their asses they might start to wonder how sincere the sentiment is.  Be real, be you, be humble and be honest.
Photo Credit:  Desarae Veit by Jeffrey Fortson

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