Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Diary: A BIG Thank You to Brian Rathbone

Thank You, Author Brian Rathbone

Brian found me on Twitter shortly after I started posting my book blog posts on social media. We hit it off as online friends. He's funny, I'm nerdy, and well I thought he was so interesting that I had to check out his site. I love indie authors and fantasy books so I figured I'd enjoy his work, so far I was definitely right. After following the link from his Twitter profile, I noticed a few things where broken on his site and walked him through fixing him. In the long run, a lot more things broke and we reconnected. That led to a whole new website. I'm proud to present It still has a ways to go but is leaps and bounds ahead in design, analytics, among other nerdy things.

I'd like to disclose that, in exchange for my initial help, I received nothing but a thank you and the friendly banter I had expected. Later, for the website Brian gave me a lot of audible credits. I'm pleased with this exchange, though I'm not posting this as an open offer to build websites for audible credits. I'm simply trying to follow FCC guidelines and be transparent about the transaction.

If you love or hate the website, please let me know in the comments. Also checkout Brian's latest books, the final trilogy in the World of Godsland series. I'm still on the first three and would love to discuss this book or any of the other's that I've reviewed.

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