Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Recording the Moment

I have quirks, flaws, dreams and motivations just like everyone else. And like everyone else my life has obstacles like money, not enough time in the day and a lack of dating. In everyday I work hard, write multiple blogs, and use life as a limitless resource to draw inspiration for teaching videos and blog posts. My dreams right now simply consist of finding more work, working hard, and traveling. I love traveling. For the time being I’m staying with my dad at Cool River Ranch. This has a few purposes for me. I get to help out with chores and save up so I can pay off all my student loans, that way when I leave here I will be debt free and able to travel without excess bills. I love what I do and even loved living Minneapolis. The thing is, working for yourself often defines how quickly you can do or get what you want.

cool river ranch

I work 28 hours a day -I mean that figuratively I know there is only 24 hours in a day, but have often been accused of being a robot. How do I do it? I work in my free time. Including while watching television, listening to an audio book and I’m not sure when my mind is resting. I sometimes even wake up and remember dreaming of new ways to improve a website or strategy brief. My life isn’t completely controlled by work, but like I said working for yourself sometimes determines when you get to do things. If a project needs finished, I stay up late. If a client pays late, I’m out money for a hobby or paying a bill. And let’s face it in this economy if I don’t get my retainers up front I often have a problem with even the nicest people paying on time. I have many clients who still owe me money from over six months ago, and who wants to send a friend to collections?

Cool River Ranch

So I’m living on a ranch. In my life, the lead character (me), is playing country bumpkin. I’ve played many roles in my life, making my biography a bit eclectic to say the least. I’ve been the 4-Her, dancer, FFA vice president, band geek, artist, world traveler, beauty pageant princess, science fair winner, military brat… oh the list goes on. Right now I’m the web design/social media geek, public speaker and ranch girl– I’d say cowgirl but their aren’t any cows on this farm. I guess if I had to describe myself I’m 5’1″ resilient, not especially athletic, but love adrenaline sports with dirty blonde hair dark eyes and a deep love for traveling. I’ll blame my German/English ancestry for my personality – quirky, motivated, curious, sassy, stylish and my overall look is pretty but not extraordinary. At the ranch their are three main characters in my life (other than the animals): Dad, Lori and Laura.


Dad is like a big kid in a grown up body. He makes a great side kick and always full of laughs and smiles. He’s tall- I’d guess 6’1″ but then again everyone looks tall when your 5’1″ so don’t hold me to my height guesses. He is the type of guy who really thinks before he speaks, but on occasion that can annoyingly seem like he’s not paying attention when he doesn’t want to say anything to join into the conversation-making my conversations often seem one sided. Like everyone in the immediate Veit family, he has deep brown eyes like the outside of a tree, dark brown hair lightly covering his noggin and a go-t that reminds me of a fraction of the big beard he wore in my youth. He was always sporting a thick beard when I was younger and in the winter would dye it white so he could play Santa and I would play an elf to volunteer handing out presents at the local community center. Trust me the kids loved it- and I looked super nerdy.


Lori is tall and skinny. Short darker blondish brown hair, light skin and a quiet demeanor. She is the person who joins in the conversation with a sentence or two on occasion, but the sentence always has substance or is truely funny. She loves the finer things in life but appreciates the simplicity of country living, enjoys smoking and her horses (not necessarily in that order). She’s the type of gal who’d prefer to be out working then sitting inside getting cabin fever, but if left indoors will always head for the Xbox. She loves medical, law, syfy and police type television shows- I know this because Tivo is a big hit here on the ranch. When not working hard outdoors, cooking, or playing Xbox the television is playing pre-recorded shows so we can skip over commercials. Netflix is also a hit but less so because of the long lag in streaming.


Laura is the final character in my daily life story. She has dark brown hair-almost black/brown. Laura is the type of person who loves riding horses but prefers daily office life to ranch chores. More of a city person who loves ranch life. She’s a good rider and clearly loves the horses. She wakes up every day around five a.m to head to work and then comes home just in time for dinner around 6 or 7 at night. On weekends she spends a lot of her time in her room doing hobbies or working on her computer editing videos for the ranch. She does a lot of the ranch marketing. Laura is the fun kind of quirky- the kind of person you can see laughing, dancing around and pretending to be eccentric but really is compensating for the boredom of daily life. She is the bubbly personality but with a child-like sensitivity that can easily effected my movie like emotions-not so thick skinned.


The main character who’s with me every day is Sophie Soliee, my yorkie. Two pounds of black haired joy. She’s a glutton for food, always hyper around other animals or people, and loves to cuddle. Their isn’t a day that goes by where Sophie can’t make me smile or laugh. She’s always learning and doing silly things. Sophie is the most photogenic dog I know and when I dress her up – in one of her dozens of puppy clothes she makes friends everywhere we go. Dad thinks the clothes are silly and always removes them, unless we are going out-because frankly it’s a mute point. Oh and almost forgot to mention- we are still in the end stages (hopefully) of potty training her. Goody.

So these are the people in my daily life. They make me laugh, smile, and feel at home. They love their life and their horses. I’ve never been happier living with other people.

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