Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Book Series Review: Until the End of the World by Sarah Lyons Fleming

All the stars in the sky - until the end of the world book 3 by sarah lyons fleming

I'm not typically a fan of horror, zombies, or books that mess with my emotions as broadly as this book did. That being said, all four books in this series where addictive, well written, kept me guessing, and thoroughly had me on edge in one way or another.

The author of Until the End of the World, Sarah Lyons Fleming, has a way with words that is not only unique but makes her one of the better authors I've discovered in 2015. If you choose to listen to this series instead of read it, the Audible version read by Julia Whelan is an excellent choice. She adds to the characters with her tone, pitch, and pauses.

It's been a long time since a book made me sad, angry, scared for the characters, and truly helps you understand how everyone feels when they love, have great loss, and are in a struggle for their friends and their lives on top of normal daily struggles like love, babies, family, work and friendships. It was fun to watch the various characters grow up as they where challenged and overcame the odds. Not everyone survives and parts of the book get fairly graphic with death, danger, and the worst humanity has to offer. Really makes you think what would happen if something terrible befell the world, on the other hand I'm constantly annoyed with their tactics for preparing of eminent danger - I mean you know its coming, have the whole world as your free shopping mall and are going to make due with a chain link fence and some leather?

  • Until the End of the World - Book 1
  • So Long, Lollipops: The Free Until the End of the World Novella - Book 1.5
  • And After: Until the End of the world, Book 2
  • All the Stars in the Sky: Until the End of the World Book 3
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