Thursday, June 2, 2016

Names: Izzy and Sophie

I was thinking today, randomly, that there are many names I like. While scrolling through Facebook I saw a picture of my friend Izz. I really love her nickname. So I thought I would take this opportunity to record a couple new names to my favorite names list.


Isabella is a beautiful name. It can also be shortened to Izz or Izzy. It's also the name of a wine made from Fox grapes, but it means pledged to God. It is the Italian or Spanish version of Elizabeth. Scotts write it as Isobel. Love this name.


I named my first dog as an adult Sophie Soliee. I rediscovered the name while reading the book, The Alchemst, by Michael Scott. That series is addictive and magical. I also new a little girl, who adored me, when I was in high school. She was probably around the age of three when I knew her and was as cute as a button. She had beautiful golden hair with bright blue eyes and porcelain skin like a doll.

So the name has always reminded me of that sweet spirited toddler and now reminds me of my beloved pet. I always wanted to name a daughter Sophie, but think that might be weird now. Plus, I kind of assumed I wouldn't get married and have children, so that is why I named my dog Sophie instead of saving the name.

While listening to Gail Carriger's series, Finishing School, I heard the name Saphronia. It's an extension of the name Sophie. I think it's pretty, and sounds very British to me. The name Saphronia actually originates as a greek name meaning wise.

The name Sophie is common to the French, Dutch, English, and German people. Sophia is French and another version I love. Like Saphronia, Sophie means wisdom. Hagia Sophia means "Holy Wisdom".

This may seem like a random addition to my blog, but a few weeks ago I decided to start tracking my favorite names for writing purposes. Who knows, maybe someday it will come in handy when I need a new name for a video game or future children.

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