Thursday, November 22, 2018

Get PAID to Move...

Apparently Maine and Tulsa are so desperate to bring in young people they will pay you to move there.

Did you hear about the fight for the new Amazon headquarters? Dozens of cities representatives across the USA sent Amazon weird gifts and videos to entice them to bring Amazon to their town. This is being touted as a smaller version of that. 

If you’re a “creative” and willing to give Tulsa a shot... they will give you $10,000, a free apartment downtown, and a coworking space. It comes with a few restrictions... but younger me probably would’ve been tempted.

In Maine, they’ll pay off young people’s student loans (over time) if you move there. 

Apparently, Newton, Iowa also has an incentive program but it’s for new home buyers and builders.

Have you heard of similar incentives from city planning committees?
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