Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Artistic Anguish

In a country that is predominantly modeled around a nine to sixteen hour work day how do we separate ourselves from the path of struggling success? Let me rephrase that, how do you separate your personal goals and happiness from your daily struggle with work success?

louvre - working for success, artistic anguish

Model of Success.

Most people have goals or an ideal model for what they consider their industries model of a successful work life. For book authors that would likely be a best seller, for actors it would be an Emmy or an Oscar, for a painter it may be to have a piece of art be purchased for lots of money and then displayed in the MOMA or Louvre.

What is your model of success?

Working to live vs. living to work.

I believe deeply that in all this work we often miss the real truth of life. We often struggle to reach for either what is ahead of us, or long behind us-that which we believe is, was, or will be our life’s work. In doing this, struggling for something that is simply there, we often miss enjoying the process of living. This is working to live vs. living to work.

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