Sunday, May 10, 2015

Words Hold the Means to Meaning

Content on the Web

There is a plethora of writing that has come with the objectivity of internet blogs, sharing and social networks. A plethora of writing and not all of it is good writing. We, as writers and bloggers, have forgotten the importance of well thought out storytelling. Storytelling is more than just writing to get out a point, it is the process of giving true meaning and depth to what we have to say. It has become cliche to say “content is king on the internet” that is not to say that it isn’t true, it’s very true but that also makes it the catalyst for quickly drawn stories that often lack thought or provocation. I’m also not trying to imply that I’m not guilty of the same crimes I’m accusing the rest of the internet, I too am guilty of this verdict. Hook, line and sinker.


Very few of us have the wit, detail, or expert knowledge to write ongoing in a way that manifests learning or compels thought in the heart of our readers. I’m by no means a great writer, copywriter or playwright. I simply write a simple blog about my life and profession then throw myself, humbly, at the mercy of my few readers and many critics. I may never have the eloquent hand writing of a poet or deep story telling skills of Shakespeare but I hope the few words I do write in my blogs at least provoke you to learn something new, think about your own work, or take action to advance your own skills.

The basics of story telling

Now that I’ve told you everything missing in modern writing, I think it’s important to give everyone a few tips or action items on how you can improve your own writing skills. I learned a few of these from reading and most of them from my composition class back in college, God bless note taking-oh and brushing up on those notes.

  • A single theme, clearly defined
  • A well developed plot
  • Style: vivid word pictures, pleasing sounds and rhythm
  • Characterization
  • Faithful to source
  • Dramatic appeal
  • Appropriateness to listeners
  • Brief and simple, get to the point
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