Thursday, April 30, 2009


Desarae A. Veit is an educated, passionate and active user of social media tools. You can find her in just about any network by searching for her username, Desaraev. Desarae runs a research and interactive agency to help clients’ solve complex marketing and web design problems. In coordination with her partner freelancers, we connect the clients to their target audience, execute complex website solutions, web design, and strategic direction for campaigns.

Desarae’s corporate and agency backgrounds have taught her the skills to build full service marketing campaigns that are time and budget conscious. We can help you reach your target audiences from creative strategy, web design, usability architecture and e-newsletter loyalty programs.

Just two weeks prior to graduating high school, Desaraev earned her Associates in Science from DMACC with an emphasis in radio television broadcasting, aviation technology, and marine biology. Immediately after graduating she transferred to Iowa State University, joined Tri Delta sorority, Air Force ROTC, and graduated with a degree in Art & Design with a minor in military science in three years.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Changing Permalinks in WordPress for WAMP Users


Users of WAMP (Windows): Some versions of WAMP (all versions?) do not enable mod_rewrite or permit following SymLinks by default. To enable the required functionality navigate to the apache/conf/httpd.conf file, open with a text editor and uncomment the line LoadModule