Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Defining Success

I recently asked someone close to me what they considered success. I'm not sure what I was expecting the answer to be, in fact I don't think I set any expectations. The answer could have been money, cars, some feel of happiness, power, a title, or the ability to do whatever they wanted. In short, the answer could have been very materialistic.

Process Planning

  • Identify key stages of strategic planning
  • Activities and examples related to strategic planning processes
  • Align strategic plan to HR policies

2016 Chi4Good

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Interview Questions - Getting to Know Me

Interview questions for Desarae
I’d like to start off, by thanking you for taking the time to put this together. I was thrilled to have a fellow HCI student reach out to me online, but your genuine interest in our friendship and learning experience is refreshing. You are a wonderful person, Holly, and I’m glad to be getting to know you. I’m sure a decade from now we will look back on this interview with fun smiles.

Monday, August 29, 2016



What is your background, what are your interests in HCI?  

My name is Desarae Veit. This is my second semester of graduate school at Iowa State. I'm a Senior UI/UX designer (user interface/user experience). I've been working in UI/UX for over 10 years. My first degree is an associate in science and my bachelors is in art and design with a minor in military science. My goal is to graduate with a PhD in human computer interaction. My hope is that I will gain practical experience that may be applied to my current role to advance my career.

I would like to learn more about analysis, predictive analytics, multivariate testing, and how to apply cognitive psychology to improving software development (I am specifically interested more in web design than VR).

Contact Information

Question 1

Hey Desarae,

Sounds like you're really proficient with UI/UX.  You mentioned that you're doing this program (and eventually a PhD) to advance your career but I don't see that you've mentioned the career?  Are you working right now somewhere where you can use your UI/UX experience?

UX Can Be Fatal

John Hudson 
Week 1 Reading Reaction - UX can be fatal.
The chapter from Reisberg’s book was filled with a useful spread of history, theory and principles of cognitive psychology. I found it to be an interesting overview of the psychological foundation for HCI (covered more in-depth in the other readings). I appreciated the computer metaphor provided by Reisberg as he explained the concept of “working memory.” This has proven useful in my own professional career when considering a list of feature or benefits. List too many and it becomes all too overwhelming for the user!