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This blog is a personal diary about art, a very cute yorkie, and a designer. A few hobbies are mentioned from time-to-time like aviation, fitness, books, and travel. Prefer long light hearted books in mystery, comedy, fantasy, and romance.

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The odd thing about books is that people who have them are always wanting more

Tips for Interviewing an Author

You may wonder how authors start writing or why a book has a certain character, I know I do! So, I requested time for an interview with a couple of the authors whose books I'm reading. This opportunity will give you and me insight into the thoughts and background of published authors.
veit road trip

Diary: My Very Own Eat Pray Love Trip

We are in Montana today. Woke up early to leave Rapid City, the city of black hills gold, my birth place. It only took a couple of short hours to get through South Dakota and another half hour to go through Wyoming. Montana on the other hand has been a full day venture through hills, mountains, and vast amounts of nothing but open air. I’ve made this drive before and from what I can tell you of it, you are better off going with a friend, an audio book, and expecting not to talk on the phone or use any form of internet the whole trek.
Desarae Veit desaraev and Yorkie Charles Charlie

Diary Entry: Short Days and Cold Nights

It is winter and the beginning of 2015. Who knows how long this blog will last or if anyone will read my thoughts and posts. So I will treat this as my own memory book for as long as it lasts.

My life over the last three years has been fairly solitary. In the process of moving back to the familiarity of Iowa, I've moved myself into old habits, tasks, and ideals. Part of me always missing moving, living in a new place, discovery new ideals and culture.

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Book Reviews

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    To enjoy this book you will need to enjoy stories of enchantment, duplicitous mystery, and a setting back in time.
    Jessica Spotswood
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    "..midnight’s hour strikes a herald thrice rung Seer, Shadow, Sun—together they come.."
    Alyson Noël
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    “A hunter in love with his prey.... What good is safety if you're dead inside?”
    Sophie Jordan
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    “How could she expect others to trust her with the intricacies of their lives if she was not not willing to reveal hers?”
    Sara E. Ladd
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    “Even in the Future the Story Begins with Once Upon a Time.”
    Marissa Meyer
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    "History Comes to Life with Real Magic near Salem" One girl-turned women's loss and struggle in the early dawn of the Salem witch trials.
    Celia Rees

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Senior UI/UX web designer at a large-scale IT contractor for defense, intelligence, and civilian government solutions. Adventurist and certified Yoga / Barre Instructor. Love aviation, books, and travel.Prefer long light hearted series in mystery, comedy, fantasy, and romance.

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