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Biz Tips: Pic Monkey and Canva - Making Comics out of Your Photos

From Pic Monkey and

Just discovered a fun new tool that makes it easy to add fun graphics to your photos. Checkout what I did with my profile photo:

I'm a Super Hero!


Book Review: Gay Dinosaur & Unicorn Erotic Fiction #books

This is another book series that I HAVE NOT READ. I'm not sure I ever will, but it was referred to me after my last post on the book about the demon vagina (seriously, it's weird and the description is worth reading - the book itself I can not speak for). I had a good laugh and then reread the description once or twice.

The author of the current book we are discussing is named, Chuck Tingle. Chuck is a Tae Kwon do grandmaster, with a PH.D, and an interesting twitter persona @Chuck Tingle. His books have names like Taken by the Gay Unicorn Bike and Space Raptor Butt Invasion.

BOOK REVIEW: The Haunted Vagina by Carlton Mellick III

Book Review The Haunted Vagina Carlton Mellick III

I've *NEVER* read this book. I'm a member of a lot of book clubs, so I get random recommendations a lot. Recommendations from authors I follow online, publishers, and even Facebook. This book was a Facebook recommendation that I still can't bring myself to read, but the description itself is too hilarious not to read once. I get very invested in books and the description makes me laugh/cringe simultaneously.


Legendary are my Movements,
Smooth as silk they are,
With subterfuge I allay strangers,
Bold strength and speed make me hard to catch.

The company I keep likes to roam,
We dabble afoot near green orchards to gaze or dream amongst the stars,
Forbidden are my dreams,
Deadly are my movements,
With my flood of tears a bringer of death I will be.

Mischief may bring my tears but dancing to another tune is what brings the worst fates,
A melody to glide to,
A touch to belie to,
A moment of spying,
The magic brings my death or yours.

Who am I?

Book Review: Beautiful Bastards #books

"Steamy Modern City Romance Stories with Sexy Narrator Duos"


I LOVE this series. Sebastian York and Grace Grant are by far two of my all time favorite narrators. If you like audio books, are over 18, and like romance novels. This modern novel series of love and lust is addictive. Christina Lauren are the author duo that created this series. The authors are on Twitter and write fabulous updates.

Favorite Books Best of Books Award by DesaraeVFavorite Narrators Best of Books Award by DesaraeV

VIDEO DIARY: A Few of My Favorite Youtubers - @desaraev

youtube logo

BOOK REVIEW: Witch Child by Celia Rees

  • Overall

    A story of the narrow minded. Bless her for keeping a diary, I wonder how much of it is true.

    It's a beautiful thing to imagine how harmonious Indians where with the land. Varied culture has been greatly lost with the advent of pop culture, mainstream media, and corporations. The world is similar inside any border these days, this story gives you insight into a different time. Sad to think that people would give up so much to cross oceans for freedom only to find a worse kind of stifling terror because of childish boredom.

    This is a story of history; one girl-turned women's loss and struggle in the early dawn of the Salem witch trials. The diary implies much and ends abruptly. It also gives the idea that she has an engrained deeper magic in her blood.

VIDEO DIARY: BORING CRAPPY VIDEO - Testing out YouTube Desktop Direct Upload Video Diary @Desaraev


Friday, January 30, 2015

Business Tips: What is UI/UX Design? Video Diary @desaraev

BOOK REVIEW: Endless Knight UNABRIDGED by Kresley Cole

"You will be surprised who you love & who you hate."
  • Overall
    The ending makes me sad. Full of unanswered questions but too many assumptions. It's interesting and odd the turns the story takes in this section of the series. I'm at once riveted by the love story (very pg 13) and saddened by choices made. The story lets loose some of its edginess, and deftly turns into a triangle of sorts.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Question: Do you own a tablet, if so what do you use it for?


Do you own a tablet or mobile device? What kind and what do you use it for?

I own an iPad 1, which I'm actually considering giving to my dad because I rarely use it. In fact, it's awkward to type on so I rarely use it unless I'm traveling. When I do use it, it's for reading ebooks, watching movies, or playing games. As a designer, I use tablets for testing applications and could use it for showing wireframes ect. I've previously used tablets for Aviation and could see many other freelance use cases. It's just bulky and hard to type on. I'd love to be able to use it at conferences for taking notes, but it's not a good replacement for a computer and a table or just a notebook.

BOOK REVIEW: Princess Academy: Princess Academy, Book 1 UNABRIDGED by Shannon Hale

"Finished in One Night."
  • Overall
    This story was entertaining, but be forewarned in between each chapter is weird singing. The narrators have nice voices but the music is horrible. For me, it didn't hurt the book. I still enjoyed the story and the singing is very short lived (thank God). The singing & intermittent music is the only reason I took one star away from this book.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Product Review: Withings Smart Body Analyzer

Why? What? How's it work?

Live Healthy Iowa & Not Having to Think About Small Daily Tasks

This is my 2nd year of doing the Live Healthy Iowa Challenge. The idea is to lose weight, track your progress, track your fitness activity, and get/stay healthy. 

I've gained weight over the winter months, like many people I'm uncomfortable with the few extra pounds I've tacked on. It's warm and comfy, but I wouldn't mind shedding the excess pounds. It's not hard, in theory, to either eat less or burn more calories. In theory it's easy to do a lot of things. I can gain more weight in a week than I can lose. I can also maintain a trim, toned, healthy body easier than I can quickly create one. It's easier to manage this process if I track what I'm doing.


Vin Du Rhône lips, 
Beauty like Dita Von Tease, 
Skin of a china doll, 
Hair darker than charcoal, 
And a heart of gold,

Who am I? ‪#‎geekriddle‬


Beauty disguises my true nature: 
Stealthy, hungry & evil 
I creep inside your home 
Invading where you feel most secure

 Who am I? ‪#‎geekriddle‬

GEEK RIDDLE Contest: #geekriddle Who am I?

Think comic book or fairy tale's a geek riddle.

Fiery, Fair, and Voluptuous,
An envy among her peers,
The eyes of all who see her stuck like glue through all her years.

Through Ice and Fire I may endure,
Elegant and slender I may be,
My whits may enchant you,
I'm not a real person.

I'm infamous to those who know me,
Rough and hunted for murder,
My body may not be what is slender,
 though I am light and may be graceful.
I need no hero to save me.

I am corporeal but not necessarily real.
Known as a tyrant and a hoarder,
 I may be or as gentle as a dove.
Once offended, you should attempt to run and hide but no where is safe from me.

My kin have been made pets, slaves, lovers, friends, foes, and even heroes.
We have been known to dwell in dark places like mountains, caves, and libraries.

BOOK REVIEW: The Thinking Woman's Guide to Real Magic UNABRIDGED by Emily Croy Barker

Book Review Thinking Womens Guide to Real Magic Emily Croy Barker "Hours of Entertainment that will Fly By on Magic"

  • Overall

    Noami is a sad somber character in a normal gray world dropped out of the fictional boredom into a Wizard of Oz style version of Pride and Prejudice. The story will set you up with tid bits to be explained far later, which is the best part. I promise my analogies will not ruin the story for you or give you any insights what-so-ever.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Born Wicked: The Cahill Witch Chronicles, Book One UNABRIDGED by Jessica Spotswood

Book Review Born Wicked The Cahill Witches Series Jessica Spotswood
  • "So Good I Went to the Library for the Next Book"
    This series has a second book that is not yet available in audio, sigh, but I was so addicted to the story I couldn't wait and wait to the library to get the next book. The young narrator gives life to this story and depth to the character's enchanting lives.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Free Book: The Unfinished Song Book 1 by Tara Maya

Free book from author

Over 100 4 and 5 star reviews on Amazon.

Download Initiate for !

I'm extremely excited to read this book. Expect a review soon. I love the cover photo!

Book Description


Dindi can't do anything right, maybe because she spends more time dancing with pixies than doing her chores. Her clan hopes to marry her off and settle her down, but she dreams of becoming a Tavaedi, one of the powerful warrior-dancers whose secret magics are revealed only to those who pass a mysterious Test during the Initiation ceremony. The problem? No-one in Dindi's clan has ever passed the Test. Her grandmother died trying. But Dindi has a plan.

JOURNAL (DIARY) ENTRY: The internet is a weird and demanding place

Ugly words fly across comment boards, chat rooms, twitter handles and the like. Readily I admit that criticism can be a positive influence for change, but care must be given. It is never easy to receive negative words, especially if they are sugar coated and dripping with malice.

Let's not pretend that I'm perfect so that we can both agree I'm not hiding behind a pious keyboard. No, I have too many faults to count and would rather not be the one to display too many of them here. However, for the sake of the conversation let's delve into a conversation  I had with a new friend about trolls and my looks.

Today, I had a new friend mention how nicely I can clean up. This turn of phrase, for my English as a second language readers, basically means that I look pretty sometimes, when I try. He didn't say it in so many words, but it did start a random conversation between us. My friend asked me why I didn't make much of an attempt to dress up for my many YouTube videos. In a hurry to justify something that I'd never really put much thought into; I went on talking about a bunch of random nonsensical reasons, but really it is no one reason. Also who cares?

BOOK REVIEW: A Few of My Favorite Genres, Books, Authors, and Narrators of all time (as of today)

vWhat kind of books do I normally read or listen to?

Books I read Monthly, but in Small Doses

I try to read religious and business books in paper form, mainly so I can take notes and because it's a struggle. They're not exactly addictive. I also enjoy gardening, language learning, interior design, web design, fitness, aviation, and craft type books that lean towards a how to perspective.

Favorite Genres

My favorite genres are historical fiction, fantasy and Sci fi, mystery, romance, fairy tales, mythology, occult, erotica, steam punk, any romantic British novel, and dystopian.

BOOK REVIEW: Storm Glass UNABRIDGED by Maria V. Snyder

Book Review Storm Glass by Maria V. Snyder "Love the Author, Confused by the Narrator Switch"


Keep in mind, I have over 250 books in my audible library alone. I have listened and read many more books than that. So I am comparing this author, story, and narrator to EVERYTHING in my past experience.

The narrator is above average. I wouldn't award her a prize for this reading, but I would recommend her to you. She has become one of my favorite narrators.

The story is engaging. It could have gone further, but was well written. Maria is an engaging author. By the end of the story, you may even want to look up the author and narrator to see similar books they have produced.

BOOK REVIEW: The One (A Selection Series Book) by Kiera Cass

Original Review December 12, 2014
Originally updated January, 26, 2015
Follow up to Review February 14,2015

The One

December 12, 2014

January 26, 2015 (updated review)

This is part of a series. "The One" is a compelling drama. Think futuristic version of "The Bachelor" that's what this is. It's a young adult fictional love story.

The book has a hardened King, a hopeful set of wannabe princesses, and a possessive set of suitors. America is the main character, she is obtuse, exhausting, secretive, rude, an idealist, and full of head games. Her secrets have secrets. It's annoying.

The main character is always trying to do the right thing at the expense of logic, reason, or strategy. From the first book to this one I don't know whether to root for her, the rebels, or her love interests. Every book expands on the characters and flushes out their various secrets.
Favorite Books Best of Books Award by DesaraeV

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TRAVEL JOURNAL (DIARY) ENTRY: Some of the best music at Dublin's Oldest Pub - The Brazenhead

I love Irish music and culture. This is live music in Dublin, Ireland. The bar is known as the Brazenhead and is the OLDEST pub (bar) in Ireland. They serve Guinness and other great drinks, have nightly live music, a lively courtyard. Its a hidden gem just barely off the beaten path. This place will make you fall in love with Ireland and never want to leave.

They also offer a dinner and storytelling event. It's a 4 course meal with live music and a genuine Irish storyteller!

Sorry about the video quality but the music is amazing and of good quality.

Business Tips: Tips for setting up a new website

tip for setting up a website
Have you looked up which words would get you the best ranking? SEOmoz is a great tool but I would also recommend trying Google Adwords. Yes, that is the tool for paid ranking but you can also use it to cross reference your target audience to determine what keywords people are searching for. You do not have to pay for an add to use their keyword tool

Contest: Win a FREE post card of my art

First 5 people to visit my blog/youtube channel and post a comment then DM tweets me an address will receive a post card of my art.

To see all my art visit or

VIDEO: Desaraev Branding Intro - Yorkie Charles and DesaraeV

yorkie charles

Desaraev Branding Intro - Yorkie Charles and DesaraeV

yorkie charles

Video Diary: Yorkie Charles gets Stuck on the Window

My poor yorkie Charles is constantly climbing up onto the window seal to stare out. When he does, he crawls behind the curtains and then doesn't know how to get back down. So I rescue him, alot. This is a video of that happening.

BOOK REVIEW: Matched: Book 1 UNABRIDGED by Ally Condie

"Interesting Narration Style & A++ Story"
  • Overall

    This book reminds me a lot of the book, "The Giver" about a boy in a rigidly controlled society of structure and health. If you enjoy this book I recommend reading that one. You will not have ruined either book for yourself if you've already read one of them. They are completely different authors with very different endings just similar plots.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


I've been selling more and more things online lately that I feel are excess. By going through my old things, I've also been finding more and more old pictures. Selling online via Listia, Facebook, Amazon, or Ebay is a lot of work. They each have their own quirks and enduring qualities. Listia is meant for trading. You get credits for auctions you take within the site. Other users bid on auctions of your stuff, very similar to Ebay, but they bid with credits. You may purchase credits if you feel like it's worth while (but it rarely is).

BOOK REVIEW: Study Guides in Astrology: Predictive Astrology: Love and Relationships: Indicators of Togetherness and Separation UNABRIDGED by Lauren Delsack

"Horrible listen only for astrologists"

She jumps right in telling you what "clients" will be looking for and never explains any terms or phrases just assumes you know how to read them and just need explanation. I listened for 14 minutes before shutting it off. The background echos and sounds like a lecture.

Friday, January 23, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: One Good Knight: Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms, Book 2 UNABRIDGED by Mercedes Lackey

  • "Addictive Series comparable to Once Upon a Time"
    If you've seen the new TV show Once Upon a Time with all the most well know old fables and stories, and you liked that you will love how Gabra Zackman brings this series to life. Mercedes writes a good story but most of her books are read by terrible narrators (I found that out trying to listen to a couple others and then reading all the reviews).

Thursday, January 22, 2015


"A surprise. A story of Magic and Betrayal."

This story will take you by surprise. Trust no one. The main character is innocent, bright, and full of dumb decisions. The villain will be someone she least suspects, you may or may not see it coming. This is a short tale of mystery, a fun sort of wistful magic, and a few moving life lessons of friendship & bad decisions.

JOURNAL (DIARY) ENTRY: Personal lives on a shelf #tbt

Blogging your personal life is basically like putting your personal life on a public shelf and waiting to be scrutinized. I started this new blog on the 17th. So I've been writing and publishing entries for about a week.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Iron King: The Iron Fey, Book 1 by Julie Kagawa

The Iron King Fey Series

BOOK REVIEW: The Iron King

The Iron Fey Series

by Julie Kagawa

"Surprised and Enthralled. Lovely Modern Fantasy."


I got the first book in this series during one of Audible's many buy one get one events. As an avid Audible addict, I've listened to literally hundreds of books (nearing 300+ at the time of this review). As the old saying goes, don't judge a book by it's fairy cover; ok I added the fairy part. At first glance The Iron King my look child-like and whimsical; which in a lot of ways is something I like, plus I love getting into series because it's more entertainment with characters you've already built a good rapport with. As long as the author throws in some variety to their writing style and doesn't beat a dead horse into the ground reviewing the same materials, not to worry that is not a problem in this series.

JOURNAL (DIARY) ENTRY: Just one more day

It's hard for me to keep a diary. Some days are exciting and full of adventure, but those are also the days I feel like I don't have enough time. Certainly not enough time to reflect on life or to write a blog. Today is just one more day. It's one of the average days. Nothing extraordinary happened to me today.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: The Iron Daughter: The Iron Fey, Book 2 | [by: Julie Kagawa]

"Technically book 3. Another great Read. Onward!"

If you like these books I recommend reading my review of book 1, for more references to similar books that might interest you.

I say this is book three because the author has half versions, or mini books to give you an update between books. It's kind of a cheap ploy to make more money, but they are all worth reading, plus if you get them during an audible discount period they will only cost you $2/each. Just buy them that way and get the books over $10 using your credits.



The ride is 6-6-2015

This year, instead of biking Ragbrai, the company I work for is doing Tour de Cure. This is a great opportunity to exercise and raise money for a good cause.

American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure
Share this message with friends! Tour de Cure FacebookTour de Cure Twitter
Get Ready to take The Ride of Your Life!

2015 Central Iowa Tour de Cure

Why I Ride...

I am riding because the American Diabetes Association's Tour de Cure is so much more than a cycling event to me. It is my opportunity to change the future and make a positive impact in the lives of those who are affected by diabetes. I have family and friends affected by Diabetes. 

I am committed to ride and raise money in this inspirational event not because 29 million people in the United States have diabetes, but because I personally know some of them, and I want to do something about it. Won’t you help me start a chain reaction?

Chances are, you also know someone who has been affected by diabetes and you already know how important it is to stop this disease. By making a donation on my behalf or by joining my team, you will be helping the Association provide community-based education programs, protect the rights of people with diabetes and fund critical research for a cure.

With your help, we will fight for a future where a parent does not have to hear that their child has diabetes. A future where an adult does not have to face the uncertain times ahead after receiving a diabetes diagnosis. A future where you and I will know that we had a part in making this possible. 

I truly appreciate your support. Together we can Stop Diabetes!

My goal is to raise $200-$1000. If I reach the $200 mark I'll video the race and post it on YouTube. If you can't donate, come show your support!

You can donate directly to the American Diabetes Association at

My team's goal is to raise $1000. Help us reach that goal and help support Diabetes research.