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Travel Diary: Montana to Idaho + Eat. Pray. Love. Book Review

Eat Pray Love


We are in Montana today. Woke up early to leave Rapid City, the city of black hills gold, my birth place. It only took a couple of short hours to get through South Dakota and another half hour to go through Wyoming. Montana on the other hand has been a full day venture through hills, mountains, and vast amounts of nothing but open air. I’ve made this drive before and from what I can tell you of it, you are better off going with a friend, an audio book, and expecting not to talk on the phone or use any form of internet the whole trek. The real upside for me is I have my dad, my puppy, an iPad, iPhone and a mac book pro to keep me company.

The audio book I chose for this part of my journey is Eat. Pray. Love. I watched the movie of this book, the one with Julia Roberts, at the theater just a week prior to turning in my apartment lease. It’s inspiring but after listening to the first 50 chapters of the audio book, the movie seems like only a preview to the details enclosed in the book. I highly recommend checking out either the book or the movie. I’ve enjoyed both uniquely and would recommend both if you like reading or listening to audio books. The movie is inspirational, while the book is full of spiritual enlightenment and intellectual prowess.

Eat. Pray. Love. is in part an inspiration to my current journey of life discovery, although it is not the original catalyst. I’ve thought about traveling around the world for literally years. I’ve prayed for spiritual enlightenment most of my life and desired the opportunity to discover myself and the world equally as long. In owning my own interactive agency I’ve been given the opportunity to hire many friends for various jobs or train them in positions that they might not have been given otherwise. One of those friends worked at a fast food restaurant, with little education beyond high school, and a desire to further himself but little idea how to get there. We talked hours about his hopes and dreams, places he wanted to see, and things he wanted to learn but never took a step towards achieving. He asked me once how you complete school early, own an agency so young, or even have employees. I simply replied, “You just make up your mind what you want, think of a way to set out, and then just do it. Frankly if it doesn’t work right the first time at least you are one step closer and only have to mend the broken pieces rather than just dream of them.”

RIP Sophie Soliee (Died 6/14/2011)
In Eat. Pray. Love. I heard a similar story. A beggar spent every day going to temple and praying to his God, “God please let me win the lottery.” This beggar returned every day for weeks, months even. One day the beggar in his daily child like prayer with the same undetermined or decided attitude, “God please let me win the lottery.” Finally, annoyed his God stepped out and replied, “If you know what you want, for heaven’s sake buy a lottery ticket already.” I think this means if you want something you must own up to at least 50% of the responsibility, in the beggars case it is buying a lottery ticket, in my friends case he never even tried doing much more than praying or talking to his friends about his dreams. His friends too are devout Christians. They visit church every week, pray nearly daily, and often attend a second or third bible study each week and I think they genuinely believe that prayer will bring that lotto ticket to their door steps without them making any effort. You can’t help a beggar who refuses to help himself and even though God can he will not likely help you until you are ready to take that leap of faith. It’s called a leap for a reason, you must actually make some effort in it.

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