Friday, February 19, 2016

FEDEX Customer Compliant

Dear Fedex,

I went into a Fedex office this afternoon to make a shipment and prepay for a return envelope. I was told it would cost $8 to ship the envelope one way, but HAD to create an account if I wanted to prepay for it to be returned to me.

So I setup an account. After the account was setup the cost to ship the envelope was $18 and to return it to me was going to be $22-32. I chose to just ship the envelope without paying to have it returned and almost left to go to the post office or UPS instead. This process is illogical. I signed up, for convenience, which *should* make me want to use your service more often. I get, that over time the idea is that eventually I am suppose to save money. However, you should realize that you immediately just lost business from me.

I opted not to purchase that one envelope and nearly left altogether. Then, I asked if - in the future - I showed up to ship a package if someone would be asked to show their ID before using me account. The customer service representative reassured me, that NO ID would be needed. I was not assured. So I asked if he could add a note to my account to make an ID be checked, he said he could not and no password was needed. WHAT?! How is this a useful service?

So I asked if he could just CANCEL the account, he said no but it's okay because when my card expires the account would no longer work. WELL GREAT you just added a card I got this week. It's good for YEARS from now. I'm writing this message, not to file a complaint against the branch but to corporate.

Your processes are corrupt and you need to hire a user experience professional to professionally evaluate this workflow. How did anyone think this was a good idea or a good way to attract customers?

I eagerly await your response to determine if I should just take my business elsewhere permanently.

-- Confused and unsatisfied customer
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  1. They followed up with me! Thank you to the customer service person who called me. I received a few discounts. I'm still a little dissatisfied with the process, but appreciate the follow up.


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