Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Workiva Discussion

Workiva Discussion

I’ve added the details of this document to BlackBoard so that we can continue the discussion and collaborate as a class if anyone is interested.

Questions for discussion

These are my questions from the Week 4 Google Docs, in case they are not included in class maybe we can discuss them here?
  • How big is your UX/UI team?
  • Who do you consider your stakeholders and what kind of evaluation/testing do you do to ensure ongoing feedback?
  • Is the iteractive container (computer buttons that expand) part of an open source frame work- is that polymer (
  • What considerations have your team made for 508 compliance and Accessibility testing? (not including performance, I did see it's SSAE 16 Type II compliant and looked at a couple of the case studies -

Reviewing Workiva's Website

    • I noticed that their primary site is missing key components of accessibility compliance and web standards. I scheduled a demo, but doubt I will be able to do it before Friday's class. This may or may not reflect on the Workiva product line, but would be a consideration for me as a corporate client.
    • The site is responsive
    • The site is written on HTML5
    • Uses Open Graph Protocol
    • I'm curious why they choose to use IE=Edge
    • The site appears to use a framework
    • They use Google Analytics on their main site, I wonder what kind of analytics they use for their products and how they integrate results.
    • Built on Drupal
    • Google Tag Manager Integration
    • Using Clicktale

Other Topics for Discussion

Since we are on the topic of empathy in relation to UX, I found this article the other day  (Seung Chan Lim, 2014). It's a well written piece that starts off with a story that leads into scientific research and evaluation of empathy.


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