Thursday, March 12, 2015

Best Tools for Facebook and Twitter

Social Media Tools

Their are many tools that you can use to track communication with followers, find new friends, and build relationships. If you have already put together personas and know what kind of customers you are looking to connect to you may want to try tools like:

Techrigy Radian6 To track keywords related to your business and find people relevant to your industry or already talking about your company. You can find tools for tracking keywords by looking into SEO. A few starters are:

Google Keyword Tool SEO Moz SEO Book

There are lots of spam bot tools that will auto find and follow people based on the words that you say. Some of these tools are free and some are paid, all are spammy and often will annoy the shit out of your followers and in the long run you will get farther by building relationships individually with prospective clients by starting up a conversation rather then following people one day and unfollowing a shit ton of people the next. On the other hand a couple of these tools can be helpful if you find yourself in a pickle where you end up following a bunch of people and want to unfollow and start over. Twitter makes you one by one go through your list. So a good tool to mass unfollow is:

refollow TWunfollow We Follow Twitter Karma Friend or Follow Douche Nuker Tweepi – Spammy Brand Builder – Spammy Goodbye Buddy! Tweet Effect Friend Finder

If you would like to analyze yourself or your followers. There are a few tools that can help you do this. I don’t find a lot of value in them but they may help you for whatever purposes you are interested in:

Twitter Grader Twit Analyzer monitter Qwitter Tweet Stats Tweet CC Klout twitter Analyzer Quick Rate Tweet Share Tweet Stats Decibels Thummit

Places with lists of tools: OneForty

Getting paid for Tweeting:


Tools for tracking/monitoring your tweets/tweeters:

Tweet Deck Hootsuite Tweeterette Twello Topsy Grease Monkey Twitter for Firefox Topify Tweet Later Twit Longer Tweet Block Tweet Blog Twellow Seesmic Hootlet Twitterific Tweetie’s Air App for Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Flickr, AOL’s Life stream

I’ve built a full wiki for social media tools called that has a ton more information and resources. If you have other questions I’m #Desaraev on Twitter

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