Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Default Values


Choosing which values in a menu should be default. Ever go to a site that has a very small country set as the default value, a country that may not even have internet (or at best makes up .5% of online internet users)? Had the UI/UX Designer thought through the system configurations, you may have filled out that form slightly faster (it’s a convenience factor).


Most users don’t want to fill out long forms and will go to another site that will make the process easier for them if you make them fill out a ten page survey on their life history. While the default values you choose may not be right, it is better to have a value as an example that can be easily changed than to have an empty field.

Additional UX Considerations:

  • Radio buttons, text fields and drop down boxes should be set to default values that are convenient to the user.
  • These fields should be described in a way that is quick to understand.
  • If a field is mandatory that should be noted.
  • When a user makes a mistake, fills out the form too long, or doesn’t choose an option that is mandatory the fields should be noted in a way that that will direct the user the the issue.

*UX stands for user experience

*UI stands for user interface

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