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BOOK REVIEW: Blameless: An Alexia Tarabotti Novel by Gail Carriger

Book Review Blameless by Gail Carriger

"The book in the series about family & Adventure"

Gail Carriger
Where does Blameless rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far?

It's one of my favorites.

What other book might you compare Blameless to and why?

Its a fantasy adventure: Twilight set back in time?

What about Emily Gray’s performance did you like?

She is a fantastic reader. I love the way she narrates voices (more more detail on this read my review of the first book) but needless to say the way she pulls her own and remains unified in the tones. You really get into the adventure and differentiate the characters!

Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you?

She is falling for the baby finally. Learning of her nature and discovering who her true friends are. This book moves you past the getting to know you stage and settles you into the series. At this point you know the characters and move into some action. It feels like a real family feud at points. Very 50 shades of gray meets Twilight but with more modesty set back a century add in a steam punk feel of decor and that is the Alexia series.

Any additional comments?

Love it. Is that enough? Well probably not to sell books but I suppose its enough to get my sentiments across. One thing I will say is I wish Audible would always put what number the book is in a series in the title. Would make them easier to sort.

About The Book

Blameless is part of a series. It is a victorian romance. The book describes, in detail, victorian clothing, travel, and fashion but diverts with a modern sensibility. The book also has modern myths, characters, and battles between fictitious characters. This is Gail Carriger's debut novel and is followed up by Soulless. The main character in this book series is Alexia Tarabotti, she is a heroine and extreme fighter for a women in the victorian age. Alexia weilds a parasol across londons dangerous streets. Streets that are home to warewolves and vampires alike. Somewhere along the story line an old, by victorian standards, spinster finds love, lust, and a hidden world where she becomes a leader.

Editorial Review

Victorian romance mixes seamlessly with elegant prose and biting wit-and werewolves-in Gail Carriger's delightful debut novel. Soulless introduces Alexia Tarabotti, a parasol-wielding Londoner getting dangerously close to spinster status. But there are more important things than finding a husband. For Alexia was born without a soul, giving her the ability to render any vampire or werewolf completely powerless.

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