Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Graphic Designer Tools from Color Theory to a Preview of the New Photoshop

Design Tool Recommendations

I just couldn’t help but share this with you. As a designer, color can make all the difference in the world. It effects readability, feeling and can compliment spaces. Think of how blue in all its coolness and depth makes you feel, light, calm, connected. While red is known to make you hungry, angry, in movies it’s used to relate to death coming up in a scene, and is used in presidential ties to show strength and power. The image below is from the Floating Frog. Even if you’re not a designer, this will catch you up on color theory. If you’ve ever seen a color wheel, you know it’s like a designer’s cheat sheet to selecting colors. Another great tool is Kuler.

More handy web design resources.

While I’m on a role, here is a designers future dream tool. From Adobe Photoshop:

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