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Desarae Veit is a consultant and speaker. Her company Agency Couture, LLC. helps businesses and social causes raise their visibility and generate leads through smarter marketing, branding, web design and social media. In addition, Desarae provides online etiquette training, keynote presentations and workshops to business owners, job seekers and ladder climbers on the process of leveraging personal branding online and offline.

At Agency Couture, Desarae is responsible for solving complex design and development problems while connecting clients’ to the target audience. She oversees design development and strategic direction for campaigns. Desarae has over 5 years of marketing and design experience working on accounts like Best Buy, Lawry’s, P.B.Loco, Premier Mounts, Express Handymen, The Occasions Group and 3M. Her corporate and agency experience includes Gage Marketing, Risdall Advertising Agency Interactive, Midwest Flying Services, Us Marketing and Promotions, the Des Moines International Airport and the nationwide internet based lead generation company While at MFE, Desarae managed the over 100 affiliates, created e-newsletters on loyalty programs, expanded and managed web site remodel, creative direction, and national marketing campaigns.

A Delta Delta Delta alumni with a bachelor in art and design from Iowa State University, Desarae holds a minor in Military Science. Desarae’s greatest asset is her enthusiasm to work and a love for working with advertising, design, new media and affiliates with a broad range of media, marketing, design and selling experience that has given her the opportunity to wear many hats, while developing presentation and collaborative skills.

Prior to forming her own firm in 2008, Desarae was an intelligence analyst in the Army Reserves and design consultant. Desarae has held various leadership positions in leadership development, event planning and employee training. She has held volunteer positions as an assistant art curator, three year elected vice president of the Iowa State Girl Scout Planning Board, two year Grip Mentor, volunteer art buddy, and three year teacher assistant for Army ROTC.


  • Web Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Product Branding, Management, and Promotions
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Customization
  • Personal Branding and Etiquette speeches
  • Marketing Communications & Research

Search Marketing Team (search engine strategist):
• Responsible for SEO/SEM
• Paid Search/ Inclusion
• Optimized Shopping Feeds
• Click Fraud Monitoring
• Brand Reputation Management
• Business Development
• Viral Marketing
• Research Skills
• Technical Expertise

Speaking Topics

Desarae is open to speaking on different topics and panels, but here are a few starter suggestions of successful topics.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Personal Branding Online
  • Social Media Customization
  • Online Etiquette the “Finishing School Workshop”
  • Generational Marketing
  • Entrepreneurial Business
  • Twin Cities Social Media Underground
  • Networking for Newbies
  • Social Entrepreneurship for Women in Business
  • Online Tools to Simplify your Life and Business

Sample Presentation

Slide show available at:


  • SMBSMP – Social Media Presentation
  • Ohio Growth Summit – Personal Branding Panel
  • Small business Summit – Online Etiquette and Social Tools
  • Mobile Dev Meetup – Mobile Social Networking
  • National Science Fair – The Effects of Intermittent Light on the Brine Shrimp Artemia Salina (Sea Monkeys) – Regional & State Award Winner
  • FFA - The Effects of GMOs on our Health – State Speech Winner
  • S.C.O.R.E. Workshop – Getting your Small Business into Social Media
  • Iowa 4H – Social Tools and Online Etiquette for Young Adults
  • Enterprise Web Con – Presenter


  • “Deasarae is a knowledgeable and motivated professional in the social media space. She’s worked with Social Media Breakfast – MSP to share her knowledge and expertise with our community, proving her vision and professionalism time and again. She is a great choice for anyone looking for a knowledgeable speaker and business/brand advocate for their event or organization.”Rick Mahn
    Social Media Breakfast | SMBMSP
  • “Desarae was fresh out of college when we had her come join our team. She was hired out of a large pool of applicants because of her passion and desire to work in the business and learn from the team around her. She was more than willing to pitch in on anything and amazed me at her ability to fit in at all levels of the business. Her energy was second to none.” November 6, 2007
    michael kraabel, Interactive Creative Director, Gage
    managed Desarae at Gage

    Michael Kraabel

  • “Desarae is a very creative, hard working individual and can work independently or part of a team. Desarae has fantastic design vision when working independently, or can bring your vision to life with the smallest amount of direction. I would highly recommend her to any business needing web/graphic design services. In addition to her skills as a designer she also is a delight to work with, bringing a positive attitude to any office setting.” July 9, 2008

    Jason Treziok, CMO, inc
    managed Desarae indirectly at Risdall Marketing Group

    Jason Treziok

  • “Desarae designed for me on a freelance basis and I can say the creative delivered was amazing and above my expecations. She is the kind of person who dives right in to challenging situations, has a creative and analytical mind-set and tackles all goals and objectives her client’s lay forth for designs. Only knowing Desarae for a short period of time, it is apparent she has a great attitude and strives to go above and beyond to creative cutting edge designs and provide excellent service. She is always looking for additional and challenging projects – while ensuring details did not get overlooked. I would not hesitate to work with her again as she makes everyone better just for working around her.” January 11, 2008

    Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

    Ryan Affolter
    hired Desarae as a Graphic/Web Designer in 2007

    Ryan Affolter

  • “Desarae has been great to work with on different website projects. She has a unique eye for design, and has recommended many great interactive marketing strategies for our clients. I’m looking forward to working on more projects with Desarae. She’s got a great work ethic, and does well in meetings with clients.” April 10, 2008

    Cory Vandenberghe | Interactive Producer at Digitalives

  • “Desarae is a trust agent. I know that because when I met her in Minneapolis last year during a trip to the IABC conference, 4-5 people in the area mentioned her name. We met up at a cool little Jazz club and spent the next few hours talking about everything from business to faith to how the web is evolving. Desarae is as sharp as they come. She’s had an extensive and diverse background in everything digital and has all the qualities of a natural communicator. Those skills have allowed her to build a virtual agency and make it profitable – and that’s a tough business model to make work. In my mind, Des should be leading teams of people for a BIG company. She’s a go getter, a diligent manager, excellent at building relationships and levels of respect and has a no BS interaction style. I’m glad to have her in my network.” August 19, 2010

    Nate Riggs | Social Media Strategy & Speaker, Principal & Strategist (Social Media, Human Business Teams), Social Business Strategies
    was with another company when working with Desarae at {Desarae Veit AKA DesaraeV}

    Nate Riggs

  • “Desarae is a perfect catalyst. She possesses a rare combination of brilliance and compassion. She connects people with needs with the people, companies, and/or teams to make them happen. She does this not just in the areas of design, marketing, and social media, but also in the private sector as well.” May 24, 2010

    Patrick Rhone, Owner/Chief Operative, Machine Methods Consulting
    was with another company when working with Desarae at Agency Couture

    Patrick Rhone

  • I really enjoyed meeting with Desarae after finding her on here and then on twitter. She has a lot of great ideas for a young person and was very helpful with designing my business cards. They turned out beautifully. I would highly recommend contacting her for any of your design needs.

    December 05, 2008 by Mark J. in Saint Paul, MN

    Mark J.

    Thank you for doing business with honesty and integrity.

  • A poem…


    Some people say that beauty…
    Is only as deep as the skin.
    When thinking of true beauty…
    I think it’s found within.

    It is true that there is beauty…
    That is pleasing to the eyes.
    Though through the years that beauty fades…
    And it’s amazing how time flies.

    If we live to be a ripe old age…
    Our youthful looks will start to cease.
    But the beauty that’s inside of us…
    Has the potential to increase.

    So when we think of beauty…
    Let’s use a phrase from days of old.
    Our eyes they can deceive us…
    And all that glitters is not gold.

    Robert. A. Mingo (Humanitarian Poet)
    To order your copy of Poetry For The Soul please follow link on web page. Slogans, Poet mission statements and more!

    December 06, 2008 by Poetry For The Soul in Hopkins, MN

    Robert. A. Mingo

  • My last design team was a royal disappointment. I look forward to working with you and the other freelancers. Our conversation last week was exactly what I was looking for. Keep up the good work.

    January 02, 2009 by Erin

    in Moses Lake, WA


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