Thursday, March 26, 2015

Business Review: NorthTowne Cycling and Fitness + Kalkhoff Impulse 8

Kalkhoff impulse 8 at Northtowne

Review of an Iowa Bike Shop

Cedar Rapids, IA

NorthTowne Cycling and Fitness

My Rating: 5 Stars 5 Stars

I found NorthTowne from Google Maps of all places. Des Moines electric bike selections are pathetic, so I made my search a little wider. Nearly had to order a bike from San Francisco. Shipping a bike that you can't test first is crazy, so I was extremely excited to speak to the folks at NorthTowne. I sent them an email with everything I was looking for and they gave me valuable feedback that helped narrow down my options. I then read reviews and watched videos on Electric Bike Review to follow up.

Derek, the owner, followed up with me in a very timely manner and went out of his way to look into the Kalkhoff line I'm interested in. He's even considering bringing in the entire line! I couldn't be any more excited or grateful to find this shop. I'm disappointed they are not located in Des Moines, but he says the drive is only about 2 hours and right off the interstate. If you can fly, they are about 5 minutes away from the local municipal airport. So in about a week, I'll be headed to checkout the bike I've been mooning over and hopefully have my new ride in less than two weeks.

Oh they also participate in a no-interest for 1 year financing program, if you're interested in that, it seems to be kind of hidden on their site. Derek, told me how to get to it or I never would have known. It's the photo in the top right of the site.

I highly recommend this place. Everything has gone really well so far. I'll let you know what I think of the location after my visit and maybe even write about it on my blog.

NorthTowne Bikes

1150 Blairs Ferry Rd NE

Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

Phone number (319) 393-6557




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Electric Bike Review of Kalkhoff Impulse 8



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