Monday, March 2, 2015

Diary: Live Healthy Iowa and Weight Loss

Trying To Get Fit (again)

DesaraeV Desarae VeitMy work participates in a 10 week initiative to encourage employees to exercise and lose weight. It’s called Live Healthy Iowa. The competition involves either setting up a device to track your workouts on your behalf or manually entering your time and weight. I've setup a Jawbone to do most of the work for me, unfortunately I regularly forget to wear my Jawbone Up. So, I logged in today to check how things were going and realized that it missed tracking quite a bit.

The system doesn't allow you to back track, so I’m stuck with two weeks that haven’t been recorded. I haven’t made as much of an effort this year as I would have liked anyway. So we are 6th out of 7th place in weight loss and 3/7th in fitness. Not bad considering I've done a poor job of tracking. I’m on a team with 4 other co-workers and can’t speak for them.

There are four weeks of the competition left, I’d like to say I’m going to bight the proverbial bullet and get motivated, but who knows.

Stay tuned.
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