Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Personal Branding

Branding Yourself or Company

You’re a brand. I don’t want to argue over that, I’m just going to state it as a fact. Your reputation is no different then a corporate brand’s reputation. Reputations can be tarnished, beat up, or soar to heights unimaginable just by word-of-mouth. What you do in the process of branding yourself makes all the difference, so start thinking about it, your brand I mean.


What’s in a Name?

Names can be hard to say, recognizable like a logo, or can remind us of someone else we love or hate. Think of Nike, do you think of a swoosh and a shoe, or do you think of an ancient Roman art piece? Many great celebrities have changed their names to make it easier for you to say their name. Many people make their names shorter, cuter or even change the region it seems to come from. Hello your not Frech?! I know how hard it is for you to say my name, let alone spell it. I have no interest in changing my name though, it’s unique, my name has a story and is easy to brand. I say my name is easy to brand because I’m not just another Ashley Smith or Jane Doe. Desiree means long awaited for or desired one in French, it fits because I was suppose to be born on Valentines Day and even now I’m still the runt who couldn’t be delivered on time.


Integrity. Honor. Loyalty. Make sure YOUR Compas points as close as it can to due North.


I’m not going to tell you how to live your life. Frankly you can’t please everyone, but you can avoid being rude, selfish, arrogant, showing up late without calling, stealing and all those other things your mom wouldn’t approve of. Not all PR is good PR. You can be rich and infamous or you can work hard and not have everyone talk behind your back, think Paris Hilton.


It’s a Small World, beware of the bridges you’ve burned. They may still be on fire.


Try to put out the flames of a burnt bridge, but be aware that it may never be fully put out. At one point in your life you will rub someone the wrong way, whether or not you realize it. The pissing that person off is less important in comparison to how you handle yourself after the fact. Are you a complainer? Try your best to keep it to yourself or between you and up to 2 trusted confidants. Are you vengeful? Stay away from me, and try to get counseling. What every your quirks are, you should always work to better yourself as a human being. Don’t expect a fiance, husband or wife to make you a better person. They might help, but you should work to do those things for yourself and then when you’ve worked out the kinks you will be a real catch.


Consistency is Key + Dressing for Success


If your name is Bobby James and you Like to right your name Bobby J. then use that as your username everywhere. Try not to switch it up every other network. I’m DesaraeV on over 3000+ social networks and the ones that are taken, I’m DesaraeV6. Same goes for your pictures, try to use ones that look good, look like you, and all look similar. If you want to go professional or unprofessional I don’t care, but I don’t want to see the 5 B’s your butt crack, boobs, booz, babies, or boyfriends for the most part. Granted I’ve done, well only one of those, as a profile picture but think about your boss or potential client. I’d say the last two are more okay then the first three.

Same goes for at work, I don’t like going to the coffee shop, and the clerk bends over to show me his hair butt crack or her thong. Gross. I’m not an old fuddy duddy and I still find men with their pants down to their ankles and boxers hanging out to be the tackiest and biggest turn off ever. I’d rather you be over dressed nice and professional any day then dressed skanky, shiny, or with too much skin. Women remember if your showing skin on the top cover the bottom and vice versas. It’s not classy and will only get you the WRONG kind of attention. Leave a little something to the imagination and try to just accentuate one body part at a time: shoulders, legs, boobs, butt, neck-line. Men: suits are ALWAYS hot, tight emo jeans are not (I’m not going to argue with you on this one if you like to wear women’s pants, whatever), jeans and a suit/sport coat also hot, try to know your color schemes (brown + blue = no go… even with a belt or shoes).

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