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Talking about building a small business (VIDEO)

tech q and a about small businesses online

Business IT Q&A

I am looking to start a conversation via video podcasts to connect my friends and business contacts. The podcast will initially be centered around answering IT questions in my wheelhouse.

Topic Ideas: personal branding, building a business online, how to sell things online, social media management, SEO (search engine optimization), websites, BI (business intelligence), AI (artificial intelligence), front-end development, UX (user experience) and machine learning. I’d like to introduce my friends who have small businesses, start the conversation rolling and see where this goes.

Thinking a video once a week (until I start podcasting and more by request) next one at 4PM on Friday. If you have questions, feedback, or topic ideas please leave me a comment!!!

Information mentioned in this weeks video:

Top Website Platforms (question by Zachary Bales-Henry)

  • WordPress is a free CMS (content management system) it’s easy to use and easy to setup just be sure to keep your hosting and platform up to date or pay someone to manage it.
  • It’s PHP based and open source. Lots of free plugins to quickly customize your website but more plugins can slow down your site and cause vulnerabilities. Ecommerce plug-ins for WordPress - Shopify.

  • Blogger/Blogspot was created by Google. It’s free to use and very simple. Great for monetizing a blog. A little complicated to customize and a pain to add CSS. No plugin or api integrations. You cannot easily do Ecommerce on blogger.
  • Drupal and Joomla complicated CMS systems for bigger companies
  • Magento is an Ecommerce CMS for companies with an IT team
  • Angular, Angular 2/4, NodeJS, React - these are coding languages for advanced development and customization (I’ve built sites for all of these)

Do you think having a personal app for your business is still important. Or is it worth it? (Question by Zachary Bales-Henry)

Yes, it can be worth it to create a custom mobile app but it depends on your goals and your budget.

Good examples of business apps and goals:

  • Coldwell Banker Real Estate app (easy to find homes and share them with your realtor)
  • Starbucks and Caribou for payment and rewards (easier payment and to keep customers engaged..even addicted to gamifying drinking coffee)
  • Walgreens (prescription management, purchase, renewals)
  • Amazon purchases (get users to buy more but simplify the web experience for your phone)

Mobile also allows easier logins for users on the phone via biometrics like thumb or face recognition.

Payment systems: is free between friends! You can even use a credit card for a small fee. Fast safe way to send/receive money. Built by the makers of Square. If you sign up with my referral code you and I receive $5 after you send at least $5 to someone in the first 14 days! Now accepting Bitcoin. My referral code: MXMGMJN download: or search in the App Store then use the code during sign up.

  • Square is the popular small business payment system with the tablet like touch system for receiving receipts and payments.
  • PayPal - great for moderation of selling good on sites like Listia or eBay. Only does payment protection for online sales.
  • Circle
  • Zelle (used by most major banks now for Acheson transfers between friends and is free)
  • Amazon
  • Google Wallet
  • for slowly paying someone and protecting both sides (I’ve used all of these)

Find Freelancers online (copywriters, designers, developers, administrative assistants):

  • Scribd
  • UpWork
  • Fivver
  • FancyHands (I’ve used all of these)

Local Buy Sell Trade groups (I’m the admin and founder of the ones I’m recommending)

What is SEO?

It’s the process of making your site organically show up in search engine results for certain terms, phrases, and locations.

How to get started with SEO?

Make sure your website has fresh, relevant content. Do a competitor analysis, market research, and keyword research. Integrate analytics. Write a blog and be genuine. The business should reflect you or your team and the culture. Who are you? You don’t have to pretend! Just be you and if you’re not the best writer, hire a copywriter. Keep in mind that eventually your clients will likely meet you and your team, if you’re a small business. So you are the business.

Wine Company I mentioned to Tasha Lanz of Tasha's Treats is Naked Wines. If you’re not already a Naked Wines member, here is a code for $100 of wine free! I’ll get $40 for each person who signs up and makes a purchase.

Other business owners who joined the conversation: Susan Barnes of MYTDOG, "MY Trained Dog", Tom Hudson of 515 Vape and Disc Golf, Dave Weis, Calvin Lee for Design

Thanks for watching! I made the video public so that you can share it with friends. Please leave me a comment, I’d appreciate your feedback or questions.

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