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Business Tips: Tips for setting up a new website

tip for setting up a website
Have you looked up which words would get you the best ranking? SEOmoz is a great tool but I would also recommend trying Google Adwords. Yes, that is the tool for paid ranking but you can also use it to cross reference your target audience to determine what keywords people are searching for. You do not have to pay for an add to use their keyword tool

Also try setting up Google Webmaster tools and Google Analytics so you can track your search engine traffic. You can also see drop off points called bounce or exit rates. These will allow you to figure out which pages on the site may have problems. It will also tell you how popular the site is and what type of content is the most popular. 

For newsletters I would recommend automating feedburner, myemma, or mailchimp. All three options are free and extremely easy to setup. You can integrate bitly into them also.

The one catch about having html sites vs. PHP/JAVA/or a CMS is that you have to add headers, footers, global content (like navigation and sidebars), manually to every page. If your site is large or you have a blog that can be time consuming. It's also very hard to update the site for responsive design or new code, but I'm sure you know most of this already. 

If you do not use it already, I would also recommend setting up some automation services. My favorites is IFTTT or If this then that. It also comes in handy if you have home automation. I use mine to turn my lights on in the morning, send me weather alerts, and change my twitter picture when I update my facebook profile picture (etc.).

Setting up Google + will make it so that any article you write online will have your image next to it.

I've highlighted all the tools I recommended so you can quickly find them again.
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