Tuesday, January 27, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Born Wicked: The Cahill Witch Chronicles, Book One UNABRIDGED by Jessica Spotswood

Book Review Born Wicked The Cahill Witches Series Jessica Spotswood
  • "So Good I Went to the Library for the Next Book"
    This series has a second book that is not yet available in audio, sigh, but I was so addicted to the story I couldn't wait and wait to the library to get the next book. The young narrator gives life to this story and depth to the character's enchanting lives.

    To enjoy this book you will need to enjoy stories of enchantment, duplicitous mystery, and a setting back in time. This is an old world tale from when witch hunts, burning, and magic ruled. Well in this story, the order of the brothers ruled with an iron clad fist. This is not a historical tale that will give light to a witches point of view in the 1800s, its fantasy brought to life in a parallel world with a similar feel to that time.

    This book drew me in, hooked me, and left me yearning for so much more. You will be surprised by every twist and turn. It's too bad people can't comment on reviews, I would love to hear what everyone else thinks after they get through this amazing story.

    -- Addicted both to story and narrator

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