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The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists ABRIDGED by Neil Strauss

Book Review The Game Neil Strauss

Book Review: The Game

"I'm glad I'm not him but all women should listen"

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What made the experience of listening to The Game the most enjoyable?
The story of a pick up artist is sad in its own away. Since I'm not a man, it's hard to tell if this is a really a good judge of how men think or not. Seems like it might be a good judge, but I say that because it offers multiple perspectives. It seems obvious that some people like to use other people, or act like 'players'. This book is about men studying women. Most of the men featured in the book start off socially inept and wind up acting a bit scammy. In a way I'm glad for them, that they are improving themselves and being relatively honest, but really most of them seem to be taking advantage of other people's naivety.

The Game by Niel Straus lays some blame on women for being risqué it's their own fault type mentality, but in many ways it seems like a sad example of the human experience. I don't envy these men. The upside is that anyone reading, man or woman, you are given some good ideas on how to improve your character. The book gives detailed examples of human interaction. The reality is it's everyone's responsibility to not take advantage of other people with the knowledge they have, go forth and be respectful.

If you could give The Game a new subtitle, what would it be?
Men chasing women. A story of one man's study of dating interaction as a novel.

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