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Book Review Silent Revenge by Laura Landon

Book Description

 October 16, 2012
In just six days, Lady Jessica Stanton will turn twenty-five and inherit enough money to make her one of England’s wealthiest women. And when that happens, her stepbrother Colin will swoop in to take it all—along with her freedom. The only solution: find a husband strong enough to stand up to Colin. But even if she’s able to find someone able to protect her, what man will marry her once they discover her secret?

Not only is Simon Westland, Earl of Northcote, bankrupt, but the London gossip continues to speculate that he had a hand in the untimely death of his wastrel father. Now he is desperate to find a woman to keep him from losing everything. But what woman will want to marry a suspected murderer?
Thrown together by sheer necessity, Jessica and Simon agree that theirs will be a marriage of convenience. But no legal document can protect Jessica’s heart when she learns of Simon’s hidden motive for marrying her. For despite her best intentions, Jessica has fallen in love with her husband. And love is the last thing either of them wants—though it may be exactly what they both need.
  • "An Unexpected Love Match. Mystery + Love + Sorrow"
    The book goes from one mystery to another, always leaving you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next issue to resolve itself (in a good way). From the big secret, to where Jessie will end up, to the antithesis of the story you will love the book and have strong emotions throughout. You will love the main characters, sometimes hate their decisions, feel sorry for everyone involved, and writhe in horror at the villain(s).

    Overall this is a happy story. The ending leaves you wanting more of the characters but unlike many books in this genre, it does not leave you hanging with loose threads. You will be contented with the ended and just hoping for the follow up.

    I love not only the story, but the description of the scenery, love, and ball gowns!

    I finished this book in two days. It's that good. It is one of those books you just can't stop.

    This is one of my new favorites on Audible. The author and narrator pair exceptionally well together. I will be looking up more of their books as soon as I am done writing this review.

    If you enjoyed this book, I have a few similar recommendations: The countess, The Husband Hunt, The Selection, The Elite, The False Princess, The Amelia Peabody Series, and How to Dance with a Duke. I think these stories all have wonderful narrators, excellent story lines and a similar feeling to them. So if you like this book you should like those books. They are all mystery/love stories that evoke deep emotion and love for the characters. I prefer stories that I can't entirely guess the ending, falling in love with the characters, and especially books with a witty repertoire.

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