Saturday, February 21, 2015

Review: Home Automation Wish List

Smart Home Automation

Some of the following wish list items already exist, in one form or another. Most items on this wish list currently require some additional level of work to integrate into home automation or do not exist in the United States and/or may not easily purchased from a trusted source like SmartThings, Home Depot, or Amazon. For items that do not exist, a use case has been provided.

This list & the case study is not complete, more updates will be made later. Just got tired of writing. Stay tuned.

Wish List

1. Outdoor Home Automation Products
  • Solar Powered
  • Outdoor lights
  • Watering system for garden
  • Parrot integration
  • Fence monitoring (motion, laser)
  • Driveway monitoring (motion, underground car detection)

Wall Control with Password Lock Options or Auto Lock Options When you leave home
  • Similar items available: Control 4, Wink Hub, Crestron, Livitron, Rasberry Pi,
One-of-each bundle to test everything, with the option of always returning any item (in good condition) within 30 days.
  • SmartThings currently offers packaging and bundle options, often with a hub. All bundles should include the option to add-on the hub for a small discount but not include it by default.
  • 1-of-each: water alert, fire alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, security alert, door/window sensor, motion, switch, lighting
  • A way to purchase certain things in large amounts for under $18 each (door sensors). I don’t really care how big the quantities would have to be to justify that.
Wired options for everything
  • Wired door sensors (no batteries or batteries that can charge on kinetic energy like Livecell or Ampy.
Offline capabilities
  • Ability to turn on/off anything if internet connection is lost (using the system/not manually shutting off switches).
  • Backup battery options (with solar power charging) if electricity power is lost.
  • Backup internet connection via gsm card if internet connection is lost.
  • Ability to use phone connection backup for security options.
  • Intranet options for users to internally manage everything without
Biometric locks with bluetooth, keycard, or button backup options
Security Automation
  • Pet tracking (similar items exist but I want a tiny chip for my tiny dog to go on him and instead of using a battery or gps it works with my perimeter security like mall security to tell me if he is leaving)
  • In-car presence sensor that plugs into a lighter (if removed from the lighter its auto disabled for security purposes)
Window/Blind Automation
    Water softener/purificaiton testing integration
      Radon Alerts
        Pet tracking
          Door Automation
          Door Lock Sensor
          • Kwikset offers home connect, a card that inserts into your battery powered door lock.
          • Alternatives: August door lock, Lockitron
          • I want the sensor on the lock side of the wall so it can be wired. These batteries fail quickly. Only commercial options seem available.
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