Monday, February 2, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Of Poseidon (The Syrena Legacy Book 1) by Anna Banks

Book Review Of Poseidon The Syrena Legacy Book 1 Anna Banks

"Love both books! This is book 1"
I love this series. Just to be clear this is book 1. Of Triton is book 2. Coming soon is Of Neptune (book 3 not available in audio yet). Legacy Lost (The Syrena Legacy, #0.5) could also be considered book 1 but is not available in audio yet.

I'm annoyed that audible doesn't clearly mark books in a series. I listened to these out of order and was extremely confused during a good chunk of listening to Of Triton (book 2). I loved both books and you will enjoy the second book thoroughly if you like this one. The narrator and author do a wonderful job. The characters are not reintroduced so it's clearly intended to be read as a second book. Rant over.

This is a coming of age tale for discovery, mystery, magic, and lust. It's very pg-13 for young adults (YA). The innuendos are full of fish humor, which is awesome since the book is all about mermaids (who hate being called that-Syrena is their preference). Who knew even fish want to go PC these days.

There are multiple mysteries to uncover, an antagonist who will carry over to the second book, magical abilities passed down from the Greek gods Poseidon and Triton. Throw in high school and hormones .. This book has it all. I loved it. Definitely worth the credit.

The description of Galin is swoon worthy. Not a bodice-ripper or "50 shades" kind of book as some have implied. While there is a lot of lusting, nothing goes past kissing and implying future "mating" so it's perfectly fine for teens IMO. I'm an adult long past my teens and still very much enjoyed this book.

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