Thursday, February 26, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: The Jennifer Nicole Lee Fitness Model Diet: JNL's Super Fitness Model Diet: Secrets To A Sexy, Strong, Sleek Physique UNABRIDGED by Jennifer Nicole Lee

Book Review Jennifer Nicole Lee Fitness Model Diet
  • "She's Yelling at Where You Could or Will Be"

    2 stars
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    1 stars
    Jennifer Nicole Lee means well and is a very inspirational athlete, but this is a book that is hard to listen to (narrated). I had a few very inspirational moments from this book, which I mention in the podcast, but overall this is not a good audible book. It is probably a better read. Jennifer Nicole Lee is a motivational speaker, and an inspiration to many women. Watch her videos.Her voice never changes pitch, she yells at you the WHOLE TIME! She basically says she cares, believes in you and that you need to believe in yourself and be focused over and over and over and... OVER. I don't need her to motivate me, I want recipes, real tips, thoughts and feedback about training daily. Stuff I could of got for free off bodybuilding dot com, but thought would be good to listen to in a book. I'm glad she loves her job but she is a bit negative and condescending despite saying shes not.

    Overall this was a hard, hard book for *me* to listen to. I love turning the volume up normally but had to literally take it down to half way because she is all but drill sergeant yelling into my ears. She barely breathes between words. She has a great body and I'm not quite done with the book yet but a hour in and I'm already tempted to just return this book. I'm "super" sick of her saying super fitness model program over and over.

    I guess I've never been into these books before and have yet to find one that is interesting.


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