Monday, February 23, 2015

JOURNAL DIARY ENTRY: Reconnecting with long lost friends + Inkly by Sincerely Review

The attached picture shows friends I met in first grade. My father has gone to Japan to see them. I traveled to Paris once and stayed with them. Thanks to Facebook, I can easily stay in touch with many, many people from around the world. Lately I've been trying to think of more ways to stay in touch with friends from around the world, to personalize it. Facebook is starting to become a lot like email, impersonal. Social media has introduced me to hundreds, if not thousands of people whose paths I may not have otherwise crossed. So I like it for that, but it's also addictive and impersonal.

Inkly and Postagram

I can easily go to the post office or grocery store and mail anything. One night, I started searching on the Apple store for a way to send notes without leaving my house. I discovered a few promising options, but finally decided on the Sincerely applications. They run on a credit system, so I bought the biggest package and started sending friends notes. I love receiving letters in the mail or flowers that are not bills. I rarely receive anything but spam. 

Postagram also gives new users 5 free notes to military personnel. So my brother immediately got a lot more notes than most people. I've sent one or two awkward ones, because they had discounts but weird notes on them. Either way, going old fashioned seems like a nice way to pass along a smile or two.

I hope to see more friends in person this year. 

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