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BOOK REVIEW: Read the book or don't talk about it like you know the story. This goes for all books.

Book Review Fifty Shades of Grey
My original review of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Someone hating the book for being abusive. The comments to follow include hundreds of women who have never read the story and are ranting on principal. They even say that he was raised poorly because, of course, they are super women who are perfect parents who would never raise a son "like that" or a daughter who would date him.

The book is about a man who was raped as a child and a teen overcoming a lot of his background. Throughout the book they, as a couple, work towards growing up and setting aside a lot of what many people openly find distasteful. Heck the protagonist and her best friend probably have a lot of the same feelings towards being tied up as you do. Yes it has a lot of sex scenes, and I didn't really know what I was getting into when I started the book, but the reason it's so popular is because it has a deeper story about hardship, overcoming obstacles, growing up, and falling in love.

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REAL comments on the book

(names omitted to protect the opinionated masses):

Original post heading: Admittedly I haven't read the books and have no desire to, but I understand they are horribly written and given the subject matter can't understand for the life of me why it's been glorified as much as it has. If the main character was your daughter what would you encourage her to do?

  • If the guy was your son.... I'd not want my daughter or my sons in any type of relationship like this. Do I hope they have fabulous love lives at the right time, you betcha. But. Not. Like. This.
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  • Yeah I am going to a lot of work to raise my son's NOT to be men like this. (Again full disclosure I have not read the books merely read about them and listen to discussions about the from those that have the last 2 years. )
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  •  I haven't either.....but read/seen enough to form an opinion.
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  •  Agreed 110%!!!
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  •  I'm not interested in reading the books. Or seeing the movie. Now I know why.
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  • I didn't read the books because I believe in whips and chains I read them because it was something different. They r 2 consenting adults and there was no "abuse" involved. To each their own and I have no right to judge.
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  •  I will NOT read the books. Nothing sexy to me about tying women up. Hmmm, wonder why I have issues with rape porn. 
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  • Haven't/won't read or watch movie. Just not my thing. I hope my sons are never like that and I hope my daughter never agrees to that. But that's the extent of what I know since I've opted not to subject myself to the books/movie.
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  • I read all three. the main character was an abused neglected and nearly starved 4 year old who was graciously adopted by an amazing family however this could not erase the demons and therefore as an adult he turned into a sexual sadist . With a lot of therapy and falling in love with a strong but nieve women the man become a loving husband and father . and yes of course there's a whole lot of sex in the book. the books were written at a high school level but were enjoyable as trashy novels go.
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  •  I agree, I personally don't feel right about reading the books or watching the movie. I wouldn't want my daughter to read them or participate in the activities in the future.
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  • Desarae Veit 
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  • Desarae Veit Read the book or don't talk about it like you know the story. My two cents.
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  • I've read all them a few times and yes you wouldn't want to raise a son like that but them again you wouldn't want to starve your child either... there is a love story with in it. When it comes down to it its a made up story. I know you didn't' read twilight but you wouldn't want your daughter to fall in love with a vampire either, or fall in love with a man from a galexy far far away. To each there own on what you like to read. I agree with Desarae if you are going to bad mouth them you should at least read them first.
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  • Desarae Veit He had amazing adoptive parents after his abusive start in love. Unfortunately he was raped as a teen by a close friend of the family.
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  • Desarae Veit I read that article she took A LOT out of context and exaggerated like crazy.

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