Friday, February 20, 2015

Journal Diary Entry: Make A Wish ... or Else.

Birthday Greetings

Today is my birthday. I've opted to not make plans this year. I'm terrible at party planning and generally find trying disappointing. I'm also writing this in advance because I assume I will be spending it with Charles freezing my butt off wishing I was on a beach somewhere. I'm a day older. Maybe a bit worldlier than last year. I've gained a few pounds. Settled into a house. Trained Charles to do many more tricks. Over the past year, I've seen new places, traveled, made new friends, run many races, and gardened. It's been a good year, a bad year, a dull year, a happy year, and some days where amazing. Most in fact where pretty great, with a few exceptions. I hope 2015 is even better.

On this day, I wish myself and all my friends happiness. Have a great day.

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Senior UI/UX web designer at a large-scale IT contractor for defense, intelligence, and civilian government solutions. Adventurist and certified Yoga / Barre Instructor. Love aviation, books, and travel.Prefer long light hearted series in mystery, comedy, fantasy, and romance.

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