Friday, February 20, 2015

‪#‎geekriddle‬ Who am I?

Geek Riddle

My kin have many names 
and we are known by all people.

Sonnets and tales of me are centuries old, 
but new ones are being written.

My kin may be beautiful, graceful, and lithe; 
sometimes they are sturdy, strong, and mature. 

You may guess who my kin are but I am known as the greatest of my kind.

I am so great that even the underworld reveres me.

My consciousness and being are beyond that of a mere man or woman, 
but I may offer them wisdom.

I am known to keep company with a messenger squirrel, 
a gnarly dragon,
 and a fierce eagle.

Who am I?

Answer: The Tree of Life AKA Yggdrasill

Guess me correctly and win a painting of me. Like this post and tag a friend, if either of you win I'll send the referrer a prize. Only guessing directly to this post may win.
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Senior UI/UX web designer at a large-scale IT contractor for defense, intelligence, and civilian government solutions. Adventurist and certified Yoga / Barre Instructor. Love aviation, books, and travel.Prefer long light hearted series in mystery, comedy, fantasy, and romance.

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