Thursday, February 12, 2015

Journal Diary Entry: Running Away From Snow by @desaraev

West Glen, West Des Moines
Don't tempt me with mentions of your life living where it never snows. Running away from snow sounds excellent, right now. I just want to bike, run outside, garden, see the beach, or not have my face and fingers freeze off when I go outdoors.

I miss the sunshine. My poor pale skin has only been tanned by computer bulbs and overhead lights for too long. Not that I mind being pale and unwrinkled.

My Backyard


My body wakes up in the morning so much easier when I exercise outside, or at all. I exercise, but it's hard to be excited about 20-60  minutes on a treadmill at home (or anywhere).

I'm that hypocrite who whines about the weather and annually reminds herself that she loves the people of the midwest. I hate snow. It's only pretty in pictures or when I'm on a snowboard and it's whizzing past me. I can visit snow, but wouldn't miss it, or maybe I would but doubtful.

 I'm a hypocrite because I always thought, as a child, it was silly that anyone would live somewhere and constantly dislike something so prevalent. Snow and cold hard winters have such a big impact on a midwesterners lifestyle. In the midwest our times change in spring and fall.

Cool River Ranch, WA
Iowa gets snow drifts that cover up hard earned clean sidewalks. The sun is gone by the time most 9AM to 5 PM employees get off work.

I'm ready for spring or to run away from the snow.

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