Wednesday, January 28, 2015

GEEK RIDDLE Contest: #geekriddle Who am I?

Think comic book or fairy tale's a geek riddle.

Fiery, Fair, and Voluptuous,
An envy among her peers,
The eyes of all who see her stuck like glue through all her years.

Through Ice and Fire I may endure,
Elegant and slender I may be,
My whits may enchant you,
I'm not a real person.

I'm infamous to those who know me,
Rough and hunted for murder,
My body may not be what is slender,
 though I am light and may be graceful.
I need no hero to save me.

I am corporeal but not necessarily real.
Known as a tyrant and a hoarder,
 I may be or as gentle as a dove.
Once offended, you should attempt to run and hide but no where is safe from me.

My kin have been made pets, slaves, lovers, friends, foes, and even heroes.
We have been known to dwell in dark places like mountains, caves, and libraries.

I am not:

  • Not a real person.
  • The sun, the moon, any planet or star.
  • I am not Marilyn Monroe.
  • I am not any member of XMen.
  • Yes, Disney and the brother's Grimm have both written stories of me.
  • No, I am not a Goddess or a princess, Medusa, megdala, witch, fairy, a bird, a place, plant, Ivy, or Pokemon, mermaid, fox, volcano, or Siren.
  • Nor any famous actor or actress
Answer:  I am an Ice Dragon.

If you check my photo album called books... I have many pictures of books that will lead you to the right answer.

You and the first person who referred you to this riddle will receive a free book or art if you correctly answer it first. This has also been posted at and and will be posted at

Books I can think of with Dragons:

How to Tame Your Dragon
The Lord of the Rings
The Four Clever Brothers
Two Brothers
The Princess and the Dragon
Sleeping Beauty Power Grace
Magic Inc.
Modern Wicked Fairy Tales (they are kinky)
The Iron Fey
Winds of Fate
Fortune's Fool (I think this one does but maybe not)
Rick Riordin's Percy Jackson series
Up in Smoke (this is one of the love stories)
Playing with Fire (another love story)
Firelight (again another dragon love story)
Michael Scott's series
A Discovery of Witches

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