Tuesday, January 20, 2015

JOURNAL (DIARY) ENTRY: I Love These Guys... A Tribute to my Two Favorite Men

(with a few photos of Charles thrown in)

My dad is a great guy.

He hates having his photo taken. 

So does my brother... it must run in the family. 


..but they do it anyway. Probably because they love me. 

They are intelligent men. Who do not take guff. 

Ok, they take a little... but they dish it too.

My dad is a bit of a cowboy. He grew up on a ranch and owns a horse ranch.

My brother is a hard working guy. With a pretty girlfriend.

My family lives far away but we stay in touch. 

Sometimes it is hard. 

...but when we see each other again it always makes me smile. And probably a little clingy.

My badass brother. 

And my cowyboy father are pretty independent people.

They are caring and giving. 

I'm never bored in their company.

I wish we lived closer.

Unfortunately, I'm not much of a country bumpkin. I prefer city life. Even if I spend most of my time in the garden, at a computer, or at home. 

My dad prefers the country life.

I love you daddy.

Thanks for the adventures.

This fall in Europe with you and little brother made my year.

Ornery guys only smiled when I wasn't.  

Cliff loves to make faces.

....Ok so do I.

As kids, he (not me) liked to sit in front of the mirror, especially at dinner, and stare at himself making faces until someone noticed. It was funny.

I'm so glad we all got to hang out.

I hope to do something similar again soon.

Traveling is fun. 

Being with family is precious.

Trying to get a family photo with two guys who hate photos... 

...and get everyone in those photos to smile at the same time....

HARD. Dammit.

But we did get some great candid shots. 

Memories of a life time.

I'm glad to share them in this journal.

Who knows who will see it.

Probably dad and little brother.

Maybe his girlfriend.

Me of course.

.... other family members?


.... someone who randomly stumbles on my blog...

...If google keeps blogger up for a long time maybe even future generations...?

.... future family members?

...friends of friends is probably pushing it... 

Sorry this isn't the most entertaining blog post but I think, in the future, I will look back on this post. 

Future me will get a little nostalgic.

I tend to do that. A lot.

I think, future me, will enjoy this post. 

Your best bet for non-personal entertaining posts... 

.... would be to read anything with a title that doesn't say JOURNAL DIARY ENTRY.

I have begun to sort my posts by Journal, Video Diaries, Book Reviews, Business Reviews... and a few other topics...

Thanks for reading... or looking at my photos.

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To Dad and little brother, I love you the mostest. 

To the moon and back again.

Thanks for the frank advice.

The honest answers.

The listening ears.

The warm hearts.

The generous advice, pockets, words, and love.

Thanks for being there for me. 

Words can not describe.

...but they say pictures speak a 1000 words... and I have posted a lot of pictures of you.



Your baby girl.

Your sister.

Your friend.

I love you.

....and I love this little guy too...

...and of course my auntie.


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