Thursday, January 22, 2015

JOURNAL (DIARY) ENTRY: Personal lives on a shelf #tbt

Blogging your personal life is basically like putting your personal life on a public shelf and waiting to be scrutinized. I started this new blog on the 17th. So I've been writing and publishing entries for about a week.

This blog has already had over 1200 unique views. This is interesting to me because the majority of the traffic seems to come from YouTube or Facebook. If the majority of readers are coming from Facebook, there is a good chance I know you. That is pretty cool. Analytics also suggests I have readers from around the world in places I've never been to and have very few friends in those areas. I have a lot of foreign friends from volunteering and traveling... but this is amazing. I've never been sure what to expect by putting myself out publicly in the world. I hope to never be in/famous, enjoy being a hermit, but also feel the need to share my personal experiences. This is one of the few ways I feel comfortable with opening up my world.

I'm sitting at home, waiting for chinese food because Des Moines doesn't have healthy food delivery services. I desperately need to go grocery shopping but hate shopping. So once again I'm at my computer writing about my thoughts and experiences. I have a terrible memory and suppose one day these words and photos will be my only connection to remembering the past. Photos and old diaries always bring up good memories that are hard for me to reconnect with.

Tonight I was thinking on my drive home from work that I love and appreciate my friends but lately I don't feel particularly close to anyone except for family. I wanted to make more of an effort to reconnect and came up with a few cute ideas of how to do that. I like to stay in touch with people but most of it is online. My dad and I talk every night. My brother and I Skype or chat frequently but there are few people I would even want to pour my heart out to if I felt the need to do so.  My life is where I want it to be, minus warm weather, frequent travel, and an ocean beach. So I've spent the last few weeks rearranging my house, thinking of nice things to do for other people, trying to think of ways to earn money to pay off my house faster, ways to reconnect with friends, and selling off old stuff I don't want or need.

This is my personal life. There isn't very much going on. None of it is terribly racey or interesting by TMZ standards but it's my life. I'm happy to be sharing it with you, whoever you are. The things is, I don't like talking especially about myself in person, but I have no problem sharing my life this way. My dad says it's because this is a little more impersonal from my perspective.

--- Desarae V

A few of my favorite throw back thursday photos #tbt

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