Monday, January 5, 2015


Cold. Snowy. 

Those words made me cringe as a child. Today, I'm not overly fond of snow. Cold is less of an issue and more of an excuse to wear my cute winter wardrobe. It's a reason to snuggle with my puppy and read a book. It's also the time I daydream of having a second home somewhere without snow.

I'm bored and taking a break cleaning my house wasting time writing a life update status as if it was my own private diary. Maybe it's because we're only five days into the new year and resolutions are still on the tip of everyone's tongues but for me- this time of year is nostalgic. Facebook's little reminders and repurposed pictures from our past year help me remember friends, family, and places close to my heart. That's a bit mushy but it's true. It makes me simultaneously miss everyone who's far away and reminds me to message people I want to spend more time with. I'm notoriously bad at reaching out on a regular basis. It's something I've awkwardly struggled with most of my life and always fought to get better at. I enjoy my free time at home with my dog. Being content on my own often makes me forget to reach out.  Time passes quickly and next thing you know another year has passed by. 

Then it snows. 

The best part about lifelong friends is that no matter how far away we live or how long it takes to get back in touch, it always seems easy to pick back up where we left off. The old jokes and memories shared still make me smile. The bear hugs are still amazing. 

So, at this time of year I'm thankful in some odd Corrie Tin Boom fashion for the snow. If you've ever read her recount of WWII, Corrie thanks God for fleas. It's a line that has always stuck with me. It's a slow book but worth the many life lessons. I highly recommend it.

Anyways, if you're still reading - I suppose I've waisted enough of your snow day. 

Wishing you all the best, 
DesaraeV 💕

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