Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Product Review: Withings Smart Body Analyzer

Why? What? How's it work?

Live Healthy Iowa & Not Having to Think About Small Daily Tasks

This is my 2nd year of doing the Live Healthy Iowa Challenge. The idea is to lose weight, track your progress, track your fitness activity, and get/stay healthy. 

I've gained weight over the winter months, like many people I'm uncomfortable with the few extra pounds I've tacked on. It's warm and comfy, but I wouldn't mind shedding the excess pounds. It's not hard, in theory, to either eat less or burn more calories. In theory it's easy to do a lot of things. I can gain more weight in a week than I can lose. I can also maintain a trim, toned, healthy body easier than I can quickly create one. It's easier to manage this process if I track what I'm doing.

Withings Smart Body Analyzer

This is where Withings enters the equation, it's a scale. Yes, it's an expensive and likely over priced scale. Withings does more than just track your weight, yes I said track, it connects to an app on your phone via bluetooth or WIFI to sync your data. Weigh ins are pretty easy, just step on the scale. After you step on the scale Withings analyzes weight, body fat, BMI, the carbon dioxide in the air, and heart rate.  All that data goes into the app and can connect to other apps like my Jawbone band and the Live Healthy Iowa website. Pretty cool stuff, and a bit of a time saver if you are obsessed with data.

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