Wednesday, January 21, 2015

JOURNAL (DIARY) ENTRY: Just one more day

It's hard for me to keep a diary. Some days are exciting and full of adventure, but those are also the days I feel like I don't have enough time. Certainly not enough time to reflect on life or to write a blog. Today is just one more day. It's one of the average days. Nothing extraordinary happened to me today.

Today I woke up tired. Got ready for work and played with my dog before heading to work. Skipped lunch at work. Came home and wrote a few letters to friends. Felt bad that I don't stay in touch with the aforementioned friends. Then hopped onto my computer and tried to think of something to write about. I didn't think very long, maybe a few seconds, but I don't really have anything interesting to talk about.

Today is just one more average day.

The average days are often the ones I treasure as much as the adventures. I like having adventures and they make fun stories but I need the average days. When I'm overwhelmed I look forward to the average and try to think of my next adventure. It is a vicious cycle.

The grass is greener and we don't have infinite days, but today I'm looking forward to just one more day. Whether that day is adventurous or relaxing, I'm glad for just one more day.

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