Saturday, January 31, 2015


Legendary are my Movements,
Smooth as silk they are,
With subterfuge I allay strangers,
Bold strength and speed make me hard to catch.

The company I keep likes to roam,
We dabble afoot near green orchards to gaze or dream amongst the stars,
Forbidden are my dreams,
Deadly are my movements,
With my flood of tears a bringer of death I will be.

Mischief may bring my tears but dancing to another tune is what brings the worst fates,
A melody to glide to,
A touch to belie to,
A moment of spying,
The magic brings my death or yours.

Who am I?


 Contest Rules

Remember the theme of this geek riddle is comic book or fairy tale. Additional clues may or may not be provided.
The first person to guess correctly will be sent a prize and *one* person who first referred you. You can only win if you guess directly to the original post bat

You are encouraged to share the riddle but if comments are not made to the original posts you cannot win. Winners and their referrals must provide an address within 7 days. Only 2 prizes will be given.



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  1. Update: the answer is not a spider or any of the following:

    Chaden Halfhill And here it goes again...!
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    Desarae Veit Chaden Halfhill You like it
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    Desarae Veit Chaden Halfhill You don't want to take at least one guess?
    7 hrs · Like

    Ivan Machado smurfet?
    7 hrs · Unlike · 1

    Sam Auen Isosceles Triangle!
    7 hrs · Unlike · 1

    Chaden Halfhill Driving. Too hard to read right now.
    6 hrs · Unlike · 1

    Chris Brindle My movements are legendary when I've had a curry and 10 pints of lager
    6 hrs · Unlike · 2

    Rocky VanBrimmer Phil?
    6 hrs · Unlike · 1

    Chaden Halfhill Phoenix?
    6 hrs · Unlike · 1

    Chaden Halfhill Steve Wilke-Shapiro
    6 hrs · Unlike · 1

    Rocky VanBrimmer Oprah Winfrey?
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    Desarae Veit lmao
    6 hrs · Like

    Desarae Veit I don't think I will ever get tired of you guy's answers.
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    Desarae Veit LOL
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    Rocky VanBrimmer I guess i am not nerdy enuff.
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    Desarae Veit Rocky VanBrimmer since when?
    5 hrs · Like

    Desarae Veit Read the whole thing including the disclaimer. It's going to be something or someone geeky. It's not likely to be... Oprah.
    5 hrs · Edited · Like

    Desarae Veit Rocky VanBrimmer could always refer a friend (if they win, you win too!)
    5 hrs · Like · 1

    Sam Auen Venom
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    Sam Auen 42!
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    Desarae Veit ....
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    Desarae Veit Calvin LeeErin M. CappsSteve DayKimberly Symons LisackSuzanne GuessAmy Bryant
    4 hrs · Like

    Sam Auen Pied piper of Hamlin
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    Suzanne Guess I'm eating bacon. Can't think. Sorry.
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    Desarae Veit I love the Smurf answer Ivan Machado. Had to look up Isosceles Triangle Sam Auen. Chris Brindlelol.
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    Desarae Veit Suzanne Guess booo.
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    Ty Kelley I want bacon!!
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    Suzanne Guess Sorry Ty Kelley...BaconFest is over until 2016
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    Amy Bryant The Black Widow
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    Steve Day You need to read better comics.
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    Steve Day Jesus
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    Rocky VanBrimmer My mom?
    4 hrs · Unlike · 1

    Steve Day Puff
    4 hrs · Unlike · 1

    Desarae Veit Noelle Derr Brockhoff
    1 hr · Like

    Natsusora Ame Vampire?
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    Noelle Derr Brockhoff Spiderman?
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  2. I pondered the mermaids, too, but kept coming back to the idea of a Movement being more of song with parts. The tears kept throwing me, so I started thinking about comic book characters and mythical creatures that shapeshifted... Broadening the idea of movement. Still can't connect the tears, so figured I'd read a little deeper!!!
    Some mermaids where known to cry as they kissed and drowned their victims. Literally drowning them in their tears.
    Movements (swimming and singing) smooth as silk in water.

  3. Movements (swimming and singing) smooth as silk in water.
    And obviously in the water they are strong swimmers a little too bold for their own good, spying on young innocent men.
    well maybe not innocent but men.

  4. They dream of walking on land but it is forbidden. Listening to her song is what lures you to your death.

    (of an appearance) fail to give a true notion or impression of (something); disguise or contradict.

  5. And as for the magic brings my death or yours. Consider the original version of the little mermaid. Technically she was to marry him or die. Then the sea witch gave her a second choice, after he found another princess. She could kill him and she would live or she would turn to foam. Anther version gives her the option to kill him or spend 300 years trying to redeem herself.

  6. Ah ha! That I didn't know, and had gone down that path of research, just didn't find. Even looked at the Sealies in North European folklore. The Merpeople had the largest history. I should have read more.

    Totally saw the various play of movements. Nice. Was surprised in myself for picking up on it.

    Yeah. Likely not so innocent.

  7. Asian people have other versions of My little mermaid that are equally as grimm as the original versions and even the grimm fairy tales. Either way until disney they where creatures to fear not to day dream about having sex with. I also like some of the recent australian netflix tv series. Mako mermaids is totally for teens but I love it.

  8. Interesting. I never saw the little mermaid. Was drawn to the sirens ability to lure sailors in to their death and the power they had in the Odyssey. They have never been seen, with the exception of tv, all that romantic...but manipulative and dangerous.
    I'm glad you got it. I constantly worry that I'm making them too hard, but I had a set of terms I refused to use (sailor, love, foam, water, and anything to do with sea life)
    I purposely talked about walking on land and it being forbidden but ... never mentioned water other than tears. I thought the drowning part was clever.

  9. Sam Auen bullwinkle moose
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    Desarae Veit No...
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    Noelle Derr Brockhoff ...spiderwoman?
    12 hrs · Like

    Chaden Halfhill Siren?
    12 hrs · Unlike · 1

    Desarae Veit The melody comes from me.
    12 hrs · Like · 2

    Desarae Veit Yep. It's a siren. Chaden Halfhill FTW.
    12 hrs · Like

    Desarae Veit
    12 hrs · Like

    Chaden Halfhill Get out!
    I'd ruled it out, but thought I'd give it a go, anyway.
    12 hrs · Edited · Unlike · 1

    Chaden Halfhill
    12 hrs · Like

    Charlie Erickson stole siren from me. -,-
    12 hrs · Like

    Desarae Veit bwahahah lol yes, Chaden Halfhill the almighty mind reader and theif of ideas
    12 hrs · Like · 1

    Desarae Veit Charlie Erickson did you think siren, if so that is awesome.
    11 hrs · Like

    Desarae Veit Thank you again everyone who participated. I will continue to do these as long as people are interested! Including the prizes. Please checkout my blog if you have time, I would appreciate the feedback.

    Desaraev: CONTEST GEEK RIDDLE: WHO AM I? #geekriddle
    Desaraev is a senior UI/UX designer at a large-scale IT...
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    Charlie Erickson It occurred to me from song clue. But my comment was more stemmed from my guess on your past riddle.
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    Steve Day What does a siren have to do with orchards.
    8 hrs · Like · 2

    Rocky VanBrimmer Hillary Clinton?
    5 hrs · Unlike · 1

    Desarae Veit Nothing but that's the point mermaids want legs in a lot of stories. So they dream about going on land but it's forbidden. There are stories of old mermaids coming to land to sleep with young men... in wait for it... quiet orchards. Then drowning them later of course.
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    Desarae Veit "We dabble afoot near" get it - **dabble** afoot.
    4 mins · Like

    Desarae Veit dab·bleˈdabəl/verb
    1.immerse (one's hands or feet) partially in water and move them around gently."they dabbled their feet in the rock pools"synonyms:splash, dip, paddle, trail; immerse"they dabbled their feet in rock pools"
    2.take part in an activity ...See More
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    Steve Day Who told you that a siren is a Mermaid?
    3 mins · Like

    Desarae Veit They're not the same at all but they are of the same species and considering how freaking long it took people to guess dragon I decided to let it be close enough.
    2 mins · Like

    Desarae Veit In Greek mythology, the Sirens were three dangerous mermaid like creatures, portrayed as seductresses who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island.
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    Desarae Veit

    The Difference Between Mermaids And Sirens - KnowledgeNuts
    Somewhere along the literary and mythological road,...
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    Steve Day lol
    1 min · Like

    Steve Day So whats next.
    1 min · Like

    Desarae Veit I'll try to keep doing these as long as people think they are fun. I purposely didn't mention the obvious: sailors, water (other than drowning), and for the most part singing, foam, or a princess. I'll get better at this.


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