Friday, January 23, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: One Good Knight: Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms, Book 2 UNABRIDGED by Mercedes Lackey

  • "Addictive Series comparable to Once Upon a Time"
    If you've seen the new TV show Once Upon a Time with all the most well know old fables and stories, and you liked that you will love how Gabra Zackman brings this series to life. Mercedes writes a good story but most of her books are read by terrible narrators (I found that out trying to listen to a couple others and then reading all the reviews).
    Not to worry in this series, because you have Gabra Zackman. After this series I fell in love with Gabra's reading style and went so far as to follow her on Facebook, as well as look up other stories she has read. Most of my favorite audible books now are read by Gabra. Luckily she is a prolific reader and audible has dozens of pages of books read by her. I just feel bad that Mercedes Lackey choose not to user her for any of her other series. I wish Audible would go back through some of Mercedes books with bad reviews (MOST ARE ALL attributed to narrator boredom.. read the comments) and have her redo the books. Other great narrators (IMO) are Martha Harmon Pardee, Barbra Rosenblat (she made me read 18 books of the Amelia Peabody series.. the most addicted I've ever been to audible!), Becca Battoe (I have friends who disliked her in 50 shades but I ended up really seeing the world through her eyes easily, unfortunately the other books she narrates are mostly for kids, ugh!).

    GREAT SERIES, a must listen for anyone (mostly women) who love comedy, mystery, magic, fantasy, love, and tales that remind of you of Cinderella, lost princesses and knights in shining armor. NOT a kids book.
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