Monday, January 19, 2015

Fire Study (Series) by Maria V. Snyder


Study Series, Book 3

by Maria V. Snyder

"Is this the end of the series? CONTINUE ON!!!!!"


This book wraps up the long running story line between good and evil. I think Maria leaves us just enough to continue on the love luster melodrama and adventure. I hope there are MANY MANY more books in this series. This book, like all the rest in the series, will leave you stunned and wanting more. GO MARIA AND GABRA!!

Fire Study

My review from book two:

I listened straight through. The narrator was easy to listen to, the story had me hooked. You feel yourself drawn in and loving the characters. There are some books that pull you into another word, another land, another place or time; and this is one of them.

I ADORE Gabra Zackman's narrations and have recently sought out more of the books she reads because she is just sooooo easy for me to follow along. She uses light voice changes to change between characters, but nothing distracting. Maria Snyder NAILED IT with a variety of characters, magical plot and a whirlwind romance that is not over done. GET ALL THREE BOOKS.

Just wish audible would label the book numbers better on the mobile app.

Fire Study

Fire Study


by Maria V. Snyder

Narrated by Gabra Zackman

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Reviewed: 9/9/13

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